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Monday's Air


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HI everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the weather over the weekend where ever you are. We have had some torrential rains pretty regularly the past few weeks---which is really odd for us this time of year...but we had some beautiful day this weekend to soak up the sun and enjoy some family time.

Did you celebrate father's day or commemorate it in some way?

My dad was on my mind the whole weekend. He's the reason I'm here and the reason I have this mission so he's actually always on my mind but it's always hard watching others with their parents- when you don't have any.

GREAT news on Susan's scans--well I think "unremarkable" is pretty dang remarkable news considering what the alternative is, right? Celebrating that bit of good news this morning is the highlight of my Monday so far.

Looking forward to hearing from you all--

hugs and more hugs,


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Nice to see KatieB opening the shop today.Yesterdays Fathers Day?,missed my daughters telephone call due to being in church at the time,I did get a goodwill message from her on facebook,I will see her and Chris tomorrow ,she is picking up a hugh tent she left in my garage last Saturday to dry out.Jen and Chris set off on a camping adventure to Dumfries last Thursday,they set up their tent in a beautiful Bay,looking forward to a few days break,however,the weather took a turn for the worse on Friday night,gales, heavy rain,so much so, three of the structural tent poles snapped,leaving them concerned until morning their tent would get blown away,seems the Bay was very exposed,well they called it quits and came home early Sat to me.

Spent Sunday with my other sister Irene after church,it was Irene's birthday,I thought she was 59,however she did correct me that she was only 57 by the way,well thats me told,oops.Young Max was there,so we all played a childs type of Monopoly board game,Max bankrupted all of us,grrr,I was really trying hard to win,no quarter given to kids in my book LOL,but the little rascal was too good for me.What really impressed me,since this was the first time we had played this game,Max read out fluently from the games instructions leaflet,pausing between sentences etc,and he is only in primary one (5 years old).

So much on this week,bowling tonight,going to have to tape the Euro Soccer Championship clash between 4 teams and watch it when I get home,its the knock out stage now,losers are going home,please God may England get knocked out by Ukraine tomorrow night(explainations given on request).Rehearsals Wed and Thurs for my Guiness Book of World record attempt on Saturday,its for the most people performing a song simultaneously,so all over the UK at 12 noon, thousands of people will perform "When You're Gone" by Bryan Adams,should be fun,my problem is learning the dance steps in time with everyone having two left feet.Still on Saturday,my nephew Derek has bought a new house,but dos'nt yet have access,can I drive a furniture van to deliver a sofa to my garage to store until he can get access.Saturday midnight,I am a Stewart on the Glasgow Dream Walk sponsored by the Roy Castle LC Found',its 8kms, a ladies walk, all the ladies will be doing the walk in their pyjamas,we are expecting over 500,all monies raised goes to lung cancer,photo's to follow of course.My buddy Bill has just phoned,to tell me I am playing in the bowling team on Saturday,says he told me about this tie some weeks ago?,he is not pleased by my refusal,I cannot split myself into two people?.Think I am going to hire a personal assistant to organise my diary.Finally Sunday 6pm Cluthie Inn Glasgow the Morgan Lee Band are performing,so a great way to start all the fun for next week.Phew,bye everyone,enjoy the rest of Monday.

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