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Trial: .....the prevention & treatment of muscle wasting ..


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POWER Clinical Research Studies

Clinical research study opportunity for people diagnosed with stage III or IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) starting first-line chemotherapy to study the prevention and treatment of muscle wasting in patients with cancer:

The drug being tested is called enobosarm (GTx-024), and it is not yet approved by the FDA. These research studies known as POWER 1 and POWER 2 will investigate whether enobosarm can help people with NSCLC who are receiving first-line chemotherapy increase physical function and maintain or gain muscle. Other end points will also be evaluated, such as quality of life, ability to tolerate chemotherapy, and overall survival.

Approximately 50 medical centers in the US, as well as other sites abroad, are participating in this study.

To learn more about POWER: Call 1-855-489-4899 or go to www.gtxclinicaltrials.com

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