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Anything that can help with coughing & sleeping?


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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd reach out and hopefully someone may have a suggestion. You can read all about the background of my mom's condition here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=45615

The doctors have since stopped all chemo treatments and we're now pretty much on our own.

However, she has been coughing a fair amount - getting into these "cough attacks" about once every hour or two. This happens at night as well, making it really difficult for her to get any rest.

Is there anything you would suggest to help with that??

We tried a few different cough suppressants, with little luck.

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I had a lot of trouble with that when I was going through radiation. Along with a good cough syrup to help me sleep, my doctor suggested a vaporizer -- just steam, no vicks or anything. It helped me quite a bit. I know that some people find some relief from tessalon pearls (a prescription), I tried them but they didn't do much for me but might be worth trying though.

Another remedy that a number of people swore helped -- I thought it sounded a little strange and never really tried it (although I got almost desperate enough at one poine I was going to) -- and taht is put coat your feet wth Vicks vaporub and wear socks to bed. Yeah - I know - I did say strange. But enough people insisted it helped that I figured I'd just throw it out there.

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Cough medications, also known as antitussives, can suppress coughing if they contain dextromethorphan or codeine. Codeine is stronger and may require a prescription or need to be signed for at the pharmacy. Dextromethorphan is a more common ingredient and found in products with “DM” in the name (e.g. Coricidin DM).

In Canada the codeine version is availble by request from the pharmacist; the DM version is out on the open shelves. My husband had Stage 4 NCLC, and before my pneumonia shot I had a bad cough from pneumonia at least twice a year. For both of us, the codeine-containing syrup considerably lessened the coughing. Before trying this, in the USA you will need a prescription for the codeine version. In addition, before trying either of the versions you should check with her MD because even the DM version may conflict with other meds she may be taking.

I hope that this will allow you both to get a decent nights' sleep! Best wishes and positive thoughts to you both.

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Sorry I am a little late with a response.

After I got the one and only flu shot in my life, the next Monday(it was the mon. before thanksgiving), my chest started sounding like a percolater, sounded bubbly every time I took a breath. This has happened every year since then along with wheezing.

I started taking mucinex and when I started coughing this past winter I took mucinexDM, it helped with the cough and getting the mucus up and out. I also have an albuterol inhaler. I just got a new inhaler Symbicort that I have to use once in the morning and once at night.

Hope this helps,



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