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Mom with Lung Cancer

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I havent been on in a very long time. I hope everyone is doing well!! This October my mom was indeed diagnosed with lung cancer. She had the brain surgery which removed the tumor and she is doing great, she has had many scans since and the brain in clear. The lung had two tumors on it. She started chemo after her surgery and the first type of chemo wasnt successful but the second one which she is currently on today is working great. THe one tumor on the lung is gone and the second tumor (last one) is dead. it died from the inside out. so yes they can see it in the pet scans but the doctor said its dead and as of last friday she has no cancer activity in her whole body. The doctor said that sometimes the tumor can still stay in you but as long as it continues to be dead and have no activity she is fine.......The doctor did not say remission but said she is stable and doing very well. The chemo she is on (not sure of the exacts) but she gets it in a drip IV every friday. she could do it once a month but since we dont live to far from the doctors in the City she goes once a week b/c side affects are less severe. Since day 1. she has no side affects. she dosnt throw up or get sick. she feels good... the only thing is she dosnt sleep as great b/c they give her a steriod in her chemo on fridays so that weekend its always tough for her to sleep. but the doctor gave her a sleeping pill which is helping a big. her hair is now starting to get thin, the doctors thought it would have falling out by now but its hanging on. My mom has a later stage of cancer, b/c it did spread to the brain. I dont talk much about the stage b/c it really scares me to death. i'm still so afraid for her. I have a few questions maybe someone can help. When do they consider someone in remission? I was confused to why she is having more chemo if she has no cancer activity my step dad said the dr said they want to make sure nothing spreads and since she is doing so great with the chemo and it worked he wants to continue it..... my step dad asked doctor will she be on chemo forever. he said he couldnt answer that now, some patients are on chemo forever and some we can stop... so what deteremines if she can stop if she has no cancer activity? and what i'm afriad of it that people say its the chemo that ends up hurting you and making you sick and etc, so then i fear how could she be on this long term does that mean her surival rate is not good? its so crazy b/c she isnt sick and looks good, of course a little different b/c she is starting to loose her hair but she is still active and etc..... I've been very positve and I have never shedded one tear infront of her, b/c i dont want her to think i'm afraid of this cancer. i want to help her beat it, but sometimes i'm so petrified......I guess what i'm getting at is it really true that at a later stage this is beatable....? my step dad said she is kicking some butt.... I guess i just need some insight or some positive feedback. I've returned to this site b/c i cant talk to my family b/c they are too emotional and I have to be strong for them. I just had two twin boys!! and i think my mom is fighting for them too!! thats a big inspiration to her... god works in mysterious ways, i had a few losses trying to get pregnant then i finally do after a few yeas...and i find out half way through my pregnancy my mom has lung cancer and needs brain surgery. I'm going to continue fighting for her and being positive. thanks sorry for all the rambling really needed to vent. Have a great day!

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I am a stage IV Lung cancer survivor. I was diagnosed Aug. 2011. It had spread to my liver, brain, adrenal gland, and bones. I did IV chemo first and am now on an oral chemotherapy. my spread has been stabilized in some areas and actually disappeared in some areas. My doctor explained it this way to me: my cancer has spread into so many areas through my bloodstream that they can't cure me, but only try to push back or stabilize the cancer as long as possible to give me some quality time with my remaining life. The therapy I am on has given me great results. Your mother's medical team is probably the best to discuss the details because each person is different. If your parents don't want to discuss the details, I would advise you to respect that. To love your mom, give her all the time and support you can. Enjoy every moment you can. My doctor did not give me a time frame for my life because he said I am not a statistic, but an individual person. Cancer is scary because there are so many unknowns. So much you can not control. But, you can give love and time to your mom. Ask her what she needs and give what you can. Ask her what will make her happy and as I said earlier, enjoy every single moment. No one ever knows how much time they have. If you are scared, this is a great place for support. There are many folks here who have survived with cancer for many years. I can only tell you my experience. Keep your hope alive. Try not to let fear rob you of the joy you experience right now with your mom. My thoughts and prayers will be with you, your mom and family.


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Hi Susan,

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I'm happy to hear you are a cancer survivor. This site is a great support system for me. I love my mom so much, we spend so much time together, especially that I have twin boys who are now 5 months. She says they keep her strong. I just hate seeing my mom scared and eventhough she has received great news and results from her scans she is always nervous and etc. I cant imagine if i was going through this i would be so scared too, i'am scared and its not happening directly to me. I think once she accepts it she will be able to let go a little bit and enjoy life more....sometimes she gets sad and etc. of course its to be expected. but i will continue to be positive and stay in her corner. I have stayed so strong, like i said i have not broken down not once in front of her, not sure if its good or bad, but i think it keeps her strong, i dont ever want her to see my fear. Because if the roles were reversed she would never show me she was scared, she would fight with me and tell me i would beat this. so i feel i have to do the samething for her. thank you for listening. This really helps me. I appreciate everyones kindness.

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