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Tarceva Question


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In September I will have taken Tarceva for 2 years. Initially I had all the usual side effects - rash, diarrhea, splitting fingertips and toes, dry skin. Most things abated or I adapted. I gradually began to be able to eat most things, including popcorn - which once gave me diarrhea for a week.

Last month I had to be hospitalized with a gastrointestinal problem which the hospital has diagnosed as Crohn"s Disease. I keep wondering if this can be Tarceva related. Cursory searches haven't turned anything up but I was wondering if others had had a similar experience.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated because I have never been that sick in my life...even after 6 weeks of chemo and radiation!

Thank you.

Jackie M.

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that is a new one to me ! Deb was on it for a while but not 2 years though.. you might want to see if Dr West over at CancerGrace has any info for you.. Just my thoughts but..

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I have been on Tarceva for 5 1/2 years. My side effects have improved immensely, mostly thanks to my dermatologist and an antibiotic 3 days a week. The stomach issues are still here though. I can go for days with no problems and then there are days like today where I run to the bathroom every few minutes. I haven't heard of a link to Crohn's disease. I HAVE had doctors that don't understand Tarceva side effects and then they get very upset about some of them and try to find other causes. I am Not saying it isn't Crohn's but I would want to check with your oncologist, Dr. West and yes, maybe contact Genentech about whether there has been an issue with Crohn's and Tarceva.

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