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Tuesday's Air


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Goodmorning LCSC ! Opening the air today...it's hot and humid and heavy here in TX. It was 104 here yesterday and other than driving to and from whee I needed to go, I did NOT spend a moment outside.l.it was just miserable...and so it begins...it's Summertime in TX !

What's the weather like where you are? How are you doing this week?

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It is sunny out in Michigan today, but not super hot like in TEXAS. I think 80's today, but up to 100 degrees by Thursday. I will enjoy the cooler temps today. I usually stop in here every day, but do not always post. I think I feel like I should try to be positive, but some days I just don't feel that way. And I have not been shy about sharing those feelings. Sometimes I feel embarassed a few days later when I read what I have written. I am trying to take it easy today. I have been pushing myself and my body is telling me to slow down. No TV, no music, just the sounds of my ceiling fan whirring overhead and my air purifier humming. Sometimes I need the quiet. I did pay bills online, make my bed and eat breakfast, but it just seems like I need to slow down the pace sometimes.

My oncologists office called me yesterday about the CT scan appt date I need on my liver to confirm if there is new growth of tumor or just undocumented growth during the period between chemo and the new oral treatment I am on. All other areas have continued to improve, so we are hopeful it will be good news. But there does exist the possibility of bad news. ANYHOW, the scan is scheduled for August 23rd (2 days before my 53rd birthday and one week before my oldest daughter's wedding). If scan news is good, I won't have to see oncologist until middle of September. If scan shows concern's they will want to see me right away, possibly the next day to talk about new chemo plan (probably Alimta). Trying not to think about it, but I would be lying if I said it was not coloring my mood at all today.

So, I am enjoying the quiet, reading LCSC posts and then I will find some relaxing yet productive activities to keep my worrying mind busy. Possibly a book!

Hope everyone has a great day! I will try to remember to post when I can because I know others draw love, support and comfort from the words of others walking similar journeys. We never know who we might impact or help, no matter how simple and imperfect our words might be.


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Hello :) The weather here isn't bad today....probably in the low 80's and sunny. Heard on the weather it will be about 105 on Thursday though. We are surrounded by farm land and it's been so dry here I'm sure a lot of crops will go bad this year. But, farmers always come out on top because the government pays them for their losses.

Having a great time with our new puppy. House training is hard, but he is learning. I took Katie's suggestion about keeping in another room full of puppy pads. Slowly removing one at a time.

Have a great week :)

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Well, I am very jealous of your temperatures! I LOVE the heat. Here we are expecting a high of 70. 70!! That means jeans and a sweatshirt In June. The highest we are expected to get all week is 80. I am not a happy camper!

Susan. First of all don't ever feel bad about posting any thing other than positive posts. it would be totally unnatural, and kind of scary, if we were all positive all of the time. Sometimes coming here and hearing that others are feeling just as anxious as we are lets us accept our feelings as ok.

The letting yourself learn to listen to your body and slow down a bit, is a hard one, especially when you are used to doing a lot. I have a lot of guilt (left over from my religious upbringing), some days I get to the end of the day and beat myself up for not doing anything productive, but more and more I get to the end of those days and think what a perfect day! Embrace the freedom to enjoy this amazing world and to take a nap when you need one!

Michelle, I missed you talking about your puppy, what kind did you get? There is nothing better than puppy breath! I am a little jealous (not of the potty training part though!)

Last night's support group meeting was hard. We have 3 new members each diagnosed within the last 3 months. I hope the old timers were able to give them some hope - we are a fun bunch so at least we gave them a few smiles!

Today is obviously too cold to go to the beach, so I will try to get my garden weeded. then I am meeting a friend and her grandchild at the park. my husband has a dinner meeting so I feel like I have the night off!


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Like Janet, I am envying everyone the warmer temps. I really don't like hot hot weather - but at least somewhere in the 80s . . . I'm tired of being cold all the time - so are my tomatoes!! Katie, I have a sister-in-law who lives in Texas and so I hear all about those Texas summers. Right now I wish you could send a few degree our way.

Susan, I agree totally with Janet - don't ever feel bad about posting however you feel -- that is really what this site is for - support, as well as information of course.

Michelle -- still waiting for a picture of this puppy -- please???

I'm waiting for the vet to arrive. I feel guilty about spending the extra money on a "mobile" vet - but it has gotten so hard for me to handle both big dogs myself at the vets if there are too many other large male dogs in the waiting room. Mine are fine - but sometimes the others aren't and it's just stressful. So I am sort of indulging myself.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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Sorry that I didn't post earlier in the day. Also sorry that I haven't posted very often - especially since I started chemo for a stage 3 endometrial cancer. Chemo kinda slows you down and changes your mood re: talking about good or bad things. It's the nausea that really gets me. And, of course, I want to keep the keyboard clean.

People have lots of reasons not to post and I don't think we should be critical of those who, at times, just aren't up to posting!

TS Debby will soon/or has just hit the W. coast of Florida. Bad weather for a couple days.


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