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Wednesday's air


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Good morning everyone. It is nice to see so many posts this morning. I know there will be days when people are just too busy or just plain don't feel like posting. I hope those days will be fewer than they have been lately. For those who can't post I really do understand. I was just swamped with so much to do for a couple of months and am just now starting to enjoy some days of doing nothing but what I want.

I watched my mom work at the canery and raise us 5 kids pretty much on her own and put up with my dad when he was on a binge witch was pretty often. Many times during the season she would work 10 or 12 hours a day 7 days a week then do house work sometimes at midnight. She never had it easy and we never went with dirty clothes or a dirty house. Often we did without not only what we wanted but what we needed. She always sacraficed her needs for ours. I guess that is why I not only stayed in my marriage for so long but also always felt that I needed to be busy. It was Johnny and his illness that reminded me that there is more to life than work. I wish I would have learned that and spent more time being with him instead of just taking care of him. Heaven only knows how much different his last months and our time together would have been.

Our weather here is beautiful. Temperatures have been in the 70s and 80s all week. I love haaving my windows open and letting the fresh air in. Yesterday I went down for our fitness class and almost had to leave. Someone was cold so they had turned the heater on. It was in the 70s outside and warmer than that inside. I exercise in my apartment everyday but I have a fan on and the windows open or the air on. My allergies are so bad that I can not stand stagnet air or hot indoor air.

We are supposed to get up into the 90s this week. Even that is a treat this time of year when we are used to 100 or 110 and above. Best part of our weather is that their is seldom any humidity.

Susan I will keep praying that your scan will show good news. You are all constantly in my prayers. Have a great day and for those of you on facebook who prayed for my nephew I thank you. It looks like he is going to survive without too many long term problems. He is my ex husbands nephew but he was mine too from the time he was born. I still keep in contact and often feel closer to his family sense our divorce and his death. Hard to change 41 years of being family.

Well here I am too long winded (or in this case fingered) again. Exercise time then our sewing group and after that my favorite pass time lately, watching our Giants play baseball. Great day everyone

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Good afternoon everyone! It is chilly here again. 75. Add to that the fact that I live close to the water so there is always a breeze, I have goosebumps! I made the mistake yesterday of meeting my friend at the beach instead of the park. It was so cold and the sand was blowing into our eyes, and yet we stayed for 2 hours! Today I am staying home and weeding my perrenials. they really need it and I am having a rough day energy wise so it will do me good to sit among the flowers.

I have my brother inlaw and his wife coming for the day on Saturday and my sister and her husband coming for the day on Monday. I get exhausted and a bit shaky just thinking about it. my husband of course says no problem, he will just grill - but some one still has to plan the menu, shop, prepare the food and clean the house and that would not be my husband! I just have to remind myself that it is ok to lower my standards a bit!

Lily, I love reading your posts here and on Facebook, I marvel at how much you get done in a day, you are like the energizer bunny!

We had a momma bunny make her nest right outside our front door. I have been a wreck for the babies safety for weeks, as has my Golden Retriever, we both kept an eye out for the neighbors cat and chased it away vehemently when it came hunting. Last evening the babies moved out, I feel like I can breathe again! Nature can be stressful!

Diane, I have been thinking of having the mobile groomer come to my house, I just can't manage bathing a 95 pound dog anymore. Our vet tries to space out the big dogs to keep the waiting room manageable, but It is still hard to manage a frightened large animal good for you for treating yourself to the mobile vet!

have a happy day everyone, I am off to weed (nap) in the garden


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When I was 22 I could run a 6 minute mile, when I was 35 I walked 4 miles in an hour at least once and sometimes twice a day, 5-6 days a week.

At 51, in April 2011 I had worked my way up to 2 miles 3-4 days a week, but it was a struggle. August 2011 diagnosed stage IV Lung Cancer and started chemo. September 2011, I could not walk the 3 houses down from my parents house, where I was staying during treatment, to my sister's house. She would drive down to pick me up.

Today I walked a mile, in less than 25 minutes. I feel so grateful to be able to do so. Right now my treatment is working. I know there are others who are fighting for strength. I know how tough that is to do. I have been given strength not only from my treatment, but from all the others that I met at Hope Summit and on the LCSC site. I could not have walked that mile alone and am very grateful to each of you that I did not have to. Thank You!

I had posted this on Facebook, but since I don't know you all there I thought that I would share it here too.

It is beautiful and 80 degrees here in Michigan.

It is funny what you said about rabbits, Janet. I had seen a rabbit in my flower bed and then noticed a large hole scooped out in the dirt. I thought that was odd especially when the next day it was filled in with soft grasses and completely covered back up. I have not seen any baby bunnies or activity, but maybe I scared it off with my looking around.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Susan, I am in awe at your push to excersice, you have a lot of inner strength! You are AMAZING!

here is what I know about bunnies. the momma makes a shallow hole in the ground, usually close to people, activity etc. (thinking fox and hawks won't go there) She pulls out her own soft underbelly fur and uses that and grasses to make a soft nest. Once the babies are born, she covers over the hole with more grass. She packs it in pretty tightly. She only comes back to check the babies at dawn and dusk so as not to alert predators. people don't see a momma in the nest and assume the babies are abandoned, not true,she is watching at a safe distance. If you see a bunny in your yard sitting very still at dawn or dusk, she may very well be sitting on her nest and the babies are under her nursing. if she sees you near the nest, or even if you touch the nest or babies, she will not abandon it. (although she will probably get pretty stressed!) Once the babies are old enough, about 3-4 weeks, they just leave, and they are on their own. If you are an animal lover like me, those 3-4 weeks are very stressful, especially when the neighbors have a very carnivorous cat!

So, that was my nature lesson for the day!

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Years ago, our dog dug up a bunny nest. We brought the baby bunnies in and called the vet. We put them in an aquarium and attached at light for warmth. Feed them round the clock, did everything the vet said to do, but they did not make it. The whole family was sad for days.

Now I think I have a bunny that is eating my impatiens. Not so in love with the bunny right now.

Sue, your perseverance is amazing. Your desire to keep going I believe will keep you going.

Janet, the stores make amazing potato salads, cole slaw whatever, Just hide the containers.

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With my memory the way it is right now, I had to think really hard to remember if I had actually seen the shallow dug up hole, or if it was something from my imagination. :lol: That part is pretty funny. I don't forget a lot, but it looked so back to normal that I had to poke at it gently at one end with a stick and could see it had been hollowed out, jus to be sure (there are no babies in it). I have seen rabbit's nest right in the middle of a lawn before. I loved rabbits so much when I was a little girl that I sewed some up out of fabric, drew spots on them with markers and put them under apple crates in our barn on the farm. I took my grandmother out to see my "bunnies". She was not sure at first if they were real or not. I was about 9 years old. That summer on my birthday my parents surprised me with a wiggly box and when I opened the lid there were two brown and cream bunnies inside. Best birthday I can remember from my childhood!


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Ladies I love your stories, especially those about animals. Last month I decided to write a little story for my great grandchildren, if it turned out good I planned on making a little book for each of them and make an attempt at illustrating it. As it turned out everyone who has read it really loves it so my great grandchildren will have a Christmas gift that no one else has. It started with the crow of the quail rooster. I have had quail to listen to ever sense I moved from Washington with the exception of the few months that I lived down in Escondido. That is special to me because Johnny loved their crow and I associalte it with a sign from him.

Anyway the story is about the quail and a duck I saw come across the road with her newly hatched ducklings. The quail mama is kind of a busy body and gossip and the duck is a little bit dingy. Add to that some of the animals who have disappeared in the past few years, the hawks that are always around and the sprinklers that make it "rain from the ground" and I had the basis for my story.

Janet I do keep busy but a lot of what I do is not always on the move. I can't do one tenth of what I could when I retired just 5 short years ago. I really admire all of you ladies who accomplish so much and fight the beast at the same time. I don't know how you do it. I am sure that I would be a basket case.

Oh by the way 75 degees to me is far from cold, it is perfect! We had temps in the 70s this morning so sat outside with our sewing. Now it is in the high 80s. I love being able to turn the air off and have my windows open day and night with just a fan on.

I do have to brag on my favorite Giants. They just swept the Dodgers in a 3 game series for the first time in 122 years of rivalry. Not only swept them but kept them from scoring in all 3 games. I so enjoyed watching that and the perfect game they played 2 weeks ago. They are making history right now and I am watching :!:

Oh well I hope you are all having a great day. I think I will go sit outside and read for a while. Got to take advantage of the great weather before someone remembers and turns the heat back on :lol:

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