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Friday's air


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Good morning everyone. I am betting that all of the Friday worshipers are happy this morning.

Not much going on here today. We have fitness class so I don't have to rush this morning. Class is at ten. When we don't have class but something else planned I am usually in a hurry to do my exercises first. Half of me wants to go for a walk before class(the yea I can do this half) and the other half (the you know it will wear you out half) wants to take my sewing down and my coffee and enjoy the early morning sun and temperatures.

Spending a lot of time enjoying my favorite baseball team the San Francisco Giants play. They are on a record making roll right now and I am loving it. I have been a big fan sense they move here from New York in 1958 when I was just a kid. All the years spent in Louisiana I hardly got to see them play other than a couple of times when my niece or my nephew took me when I came for a visit. Now I miss very few games.

I hope that you are all surviving the heat and other bad weather back east and south. We get hot here, sometimes up to 115 and one time sense I have been here it got up to 119. Those temperatures are high but I will take them any day next to a 90 degree day in Louisiana. We get up to 100 or over the humidity is usually somewhere around 10%. In Louisiana I have seen it get to 95 or 98 with humidity in the high 80s or low 90s. That kind of weather weighs me down. My son has a yard care business and he and my granddaughte Bridget work out in it everyday. I remember working out in the garden and cutting grass in that heat. All it got me was old tired and wrinkled.

Time to hit the shower and get this day on a roll. I do believe that sitting in the morning sun will win out :lol:

Oh I almost forgot. Yesterday I was waiting for our Bible study group. I was sitting by the door to the main building in our complex when a mama quail and her mate and about 8 babies came running right by me. The babies didn't look to be more than a few days old. It really surprised me. I have never had them that close. I see them outside my window all of the time but that was different. My first reaction to my neighbor when they passed was there goes Roberta. That is the name I gave the one in my story for the children. Now I can't see a quail without thinking of it as Roberta or Charlie :roll:

got to run . Have a great day everyone. Judy MI I am pretty sure that you are lurking. Please stop in and say hi.

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Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Happy Friday. Thank goodness that I'll be leaving work a bit early today to drive to my weekend Boot Camp in Orlando. I just have to stop by the house and pick up my suitcase and my cooler. Yes...I'm taking my cooler with water, soda and plenty of snacks, as food is outrageously priced in Orlando. They seem to think that everyone there is vacationing at Disney with a huge pocketful of $$$. Not me...it's junk food for me all weekend. Not healthy...but affordable!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

PS....loved reading your post, Lily. Now, I'll be calling every quail I see Roberta.

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I am not sure why I waited so long to post in here today. I have been in several times since this morning. I did go for my walk today.( another one mile event), but I also spent a good part of the day getting ahead of myself. I go again for scans in August. At 2 months instead of 3 for something that may or may not be progression in my liver. Everwhere else is improving or stable. Just won't know about liver until we get a fresh new full set of CT scans. So of course I have to figure out what will happen next IF there is progression. My oncologist said it would be chemo/Alimta. So then I read an article on EGFR acquired resistance on Cancergrace site, then asked question on site about ALK research studies...blah, blah blah .....Can you see what I was doing here?I was all worried because Pfizer has deferred a request to do a trial and this could benefit me. BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I HAVE PROGRESSION YET! I am always looking for answers and sometimes when they don't even apply yet. I guess I lost focus on today and gave away my peaceful mind. My mind travels at the speed of light sometimes. And light can be a hard thing to get ahold of. Thanks for listening.

Lily, where did you live in Louisiana? I lived ther for just over a year in the mid 80's. Slidell was the town and I worked downtown in One Shell Square building. It was the tallest building in the city when I was there, but there was a taller one being built. I really thought of all the nice people I knew down there as Hurricane Katrina blew through. It was such a cool city, I hope eventually it can recover fully. I know what you are talking about with the humidity and heat. You could get 4 inches of rain in an hour and it could be 85 degrees at 10pm. And then the Pearl River would flood. Some houses had sand bags around their homes all year round. Funny how much I can remember. And then I don't know if I locked my front door yet tonight.

Take care y'all!


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Good evening Everyone,

It is a cool 90 degrees here where I live in Ark. at 8:45 at night. I have not really done anything today as it was over 110 by noon. Just been trying to stay cool.

I sure hope it is cooler where you are tonight.



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Thank you, Katie! At least I am aware what I am doing and can put on the brakes of my behavior or at least try to redirect my attention. I went out for a walk up our country road tonight and had a nice visit with my sister-in-law.

I know what you are talking about with cleaning. Just when I think I have all the counters cleared and all the little piles of "stuff" put away more "stuff" seems to appear. Sometimes I just don't know where it all comes from. I am quite a collector ( no, not a hoarder!) and I only save the really good stuff! :mrgreen:


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