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severe coughing ... any help?


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Hi all,

I've noticed that severe coughing is not mentioned very often in these posts. Coughing is not as serious as other symptoms, but when it gets severe it sure takes a lot of the quality out of life.

My mom had recently been dx'd with inoperable NSCLC. Her symptoms are a severe dry cough and shortness of breath. The fluid in her lung was drained last week to help with the shortness of breath (it did, to a great extent). But the cough persists, and has increased in severity in the past 3-4 days. I'm typing away at my PC, but I can hear her coughing as she tries to sleep. Each cough hurts my soul.

Questions to which I'd be grateful for insight ...

1. Any ideas about lesssening the coughing?

2. Would pleurodesis work?

3. Does chemo help with such symptoms?

I'm just looking for ways to make her time better.



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Where do you live? A lot of us have the heat running full blast. It really dries out the air and sometimes the humidity drops to less than 20 % . Perhaps boiling water, running the shower or investing in a room humidifier could help. Donna G

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Try to elevate the head of the bed, or have her sleep in a recliner. She should be evaluated by a Pulmonologist for this cough. If it's truly a "dry" cough the questions are "Is it dry because of no secretions, or is it dry because the secretions are too thick and consolidated?" Each one of those would require a different type of medicine. Take her to a Pulmonologist ASAP.

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I had a HORRIBLE dry cough for quite some time (still lingers a little) caused from radiation -- it apparently dried out my lungs in a big bad way....anyway, for a while I took Mytussin with codiene, but I was also put on steroids for a short time, which defintely helped ease the cough.

It appears you have gotten quite a few suggestions above -- check with your mom's doctor, I am sure they can take care of that cough in no time and give your mom some relief!


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