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Loved the half-year resoultion Janet! Glad you popped in yesterday. It was such a crazy Monday and today is looking much the same.

I have a meeting I'm running to in 2 minutes but I'll be back...

Any more half-year resolutions? How about upcoming vacations or holidays...come on- let me live vicariously thru you!


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Hi everyone!

It is a beautiful day here again, sunny and in the low 80's. I just got a call from a friend asking me to meet her at the beach, but, alas I am stuck in the infusion chair! my appointment was for 10:00, it is now 12:20 and no sign of my Avastin yet! I am hoping to be out of here in time to get to the beach for the sunset!

For the first time in as long as I can remember I have no plans for the Fourth of July. We have always had a big party, even last year when my brain was going wonky with swelling and I was acting like Ozzie Osborne. (now THATwas an interesting party!). This year I decided I was just too tired to deal with it. I think instead my husband and I will spend the day at the lake and order food from the snackbar. part of that half year resolution to put myself first sometimes!

I hope you are all having sunny days!

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I had a long detailed version of my day typed in and accidently hit the back button. Typing on my phone. Lucky you! Short version, I have my grandson here and will be spending time with him each day over holiday week. Highlights will be a rubber ducky race on the river in town and a quick overnight to our cottage with my daughter, Dylan and my husband who will be at cottage tonight through Sunday. He is finishing trim work that needs to get done.

I just can't travel like I used to so one night away will be about right. I will enjoy some relaxing time at home. At least as much time as my grandson will allown. Right now he is busy with his race track and watching "Milo and Otis". Anyone who loves animals MUST see this movie, cast with real animals and narrated by Dudley Moore. It is sooooo cute. I don't mind watching it for the 40 or 50th time. (And that does not include the times my daughters watched it when they were young). Target has it on DVD FOR $5. SO, Dylan has it at home AND at my house.

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Hi everyone. Just a note to say hi and thanks Janet and Katie for you comments in the grieving forum. Sometimes I wonder why I still post there then I realize that no matter how busy and how content I am that I will always be grieving. Everyone here gets it so I keep telling it.

Weather here is not too bad, hig 80s with 23% humidity. I can take that even when it does get up to the mid 90s later today and tomorrow.

Shopping and one hour fitness class has me worn out. Everything is still setting on the table but I will get around to it little by little. Resting with my feet up then the game at 3:30 and Bunco at 6. Next week will be no Bunco and I am so glad because I want to see the All Star game. The Giants have 4 players playing and at least one if not 3 as starters.Buster Posey got more votes for catcher than anyone got in the national league for any position on any team.

I had lunch with my neighbor at Dave's bbq and have left over for tonight. Tomorrows plan is a small bbq with neighbors. They were told they have to bring their own meat and a side so I am hoping that keeps it small. I have no intention of waiting on anyone. I have some brats for myself and I made a pot of homemade chili beans and will make a peach cobbler to share. Only thing I plan is my exercise in the morning then watch the game.Game comes on at 8 so I guess I will exercise to the game instead of my 50s rock! lol

Well guess I will run and see if I can put a few things away in the next few minutes. Have a great 4th everyone!

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