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Some Hews about the last few months.


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Hello All.

So sorry to hear and see that the 4th July celebrations did not go so well for some what with the fires and storms with no power.

Just a bit of news from my side of the world for the last few months.

I expected to be in Ghana for Christmas but the company surprised us all and sent us home. Had a wonderful time with the family and then it was back to the jungle.

Just before the Christmas break I was sent to another site also in Ghana to supervise the safety for an important contract at an already established mine. Wasnt very happy there as I clashed with the management from day one about their lack ofbasic safety standards. This went on the full 5 months I was there until I asked to return to the first site where I now find myself.

A lot of changes have taken place some for the better and some not so.

For the last few days been suffering from some sort of vertigo problem, layabrinthtitis that has found me spending a night in a local hospital. Not the sort of place you want to spend the night, no blankets or pillows. These were brought by workmates.

On medication but it takes a while to work and as I have to drive and be alert its not easy so I have been confined to barracks for another few days.

On Saturday its Pats birthday. Feel sad as I always y=used to "forget it" and surprise her later in the day.

My next visit home is 10 August, just in time to celebrate the two wonderful daughters Michelle and Brendas birthdays.

Will post again


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is good to hear from You as always Ron.. hang in there and your doing great !! get those med problems wrapped up!!

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