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New phlegm after 5th round of chemo and radiation


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My mother, as some of you may know, has ext sclc. just about to do her 6th cycle of chemo (she did radiation 20 times) main tumor showed shrinkage (not her adrenal gland.) We have not done a checkup since radiation because she just ended 2 weeks ago. Recently in the last 10 days she has been spitting out phlegm during the day. She says it is clear but when I looked at it it seems a little pink/reddish (not blood but not yellow.) She was just diagnosed late February. Can this be a reaction to the radiation? She has not had this symptom for the past two months so it is worrying me now that she is doing this. She had this symptom three months prior to her diagnosis but then it stopped and now it seems to be back. She has her 2nd brain MRI scheduled for tomorrow as well as her second cycle of Zometa. She had a CT scan done a few weeks ago and I am wondering if they will do another one (Pet ? Bone scan) after her last round of chemo. I know they are waiting to see what is going on with her tumors inside her body before they begin or discuss PCI/WBR. It is just worrisome that she is now spitting up stuff throughout the day when I am thinking that she is getting better. Please any info or advice will be greatly appreciated..honest info and advice. Sending good thoughts and vibes to all always.

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Hello Petunia,

From our experience, it is something common. My father had also had reddish phlegm during his therapies (chemotherapy and radiation) . His doctor was not worried at all when we told him about it. As I remember, It stopped at some point. Hope you finish your programmed therapies successfully. :)

Best wishes

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