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Shark Dives for Cancer Survivors

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First off, I want to advise this isn't spam or self-promotion. In 2007, I lost my mom to lung cancer, ended up taking her dream trip to Australia, and decided to start a charity specializing in shark dives and therapeutic marine encounters. It is a heartfelt, legitimate cause, and I'm confident that it is my calling in life to help others.

First, I would be interested in other's thoughts on how useful experiences like shark dives, dolphins swims, whale-watching cruises, and marine-themed community events could be. Keep in mind, very few of the types of activities we would do would require SCUBA certification, though I would love to introduce some to the sport over time.

My issue so far has been funding. I've been blessed to be selected as a finalist out of 500+ entrants. The sponsor has encouraged us to involve the media and respective community groups.

I'm 1 of only 15 finalists competing for $30,000 and narrowly leading right now! Again, I'm not doing this as self-promotion but wanted to share my video and, if you want to vote/share, you can. The voting ends 07/25, and you can bookmark and vote daily using the yellow vote button. If you like the story, then use the like/social media buttons to share.

Also, you don't have to share any info/email or register to vote, and it only takes about 10 seconds though I hope you will watch the 2-minute video.

This is my way of sharing my story as a caregiver and living out my mom's legacy. Thanks for your time.


I also attached a pic of a survivor and I swimming with whale sharks!


* it's the sea lion video


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