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eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just reflecting on some days are better than others,Saturday there,I had what I would describe as a perfect day.I was invited to a lawn bowling tournament in Glasgow,an all day affair,for the princely fee of £10,we arrive at 9.30pm at the bowling club for a breakfast of coffee and bacon butties,play bowls until 1.00pm break for lunch,of mince,potatoes,and veggies,dessert,of ice cream and apple pie,followed by the cheese board and coffees,not fogetting a free alcoholic drink of your choice,then an afternoon of bowling until 4.30pm.home pick up Sally,off to my sister Irene's house in Cumbernauld,Max(5)is also there,we have some games until his bedtime,I read him a story,then share adult company until home time.Its now 10.30pm,bit early for bed,I play a Andre Riev DVD,its called La Vie Est Belle,it was filmed outdoors in the Waldbhune Park in Berlin,this includes a scene where in the background you can hear the faint sound of bagpipes,which steadily grows louder,until 300 pipers enter the arena,from all directions,passing through the midst of the German audience,who by now are giving them a standing ovation as the pipers pass,playing Scotland the Brave,they then join with the Johann Strauss Orchestra to play Amazing Grace,there's tears on many a face in the audience,at the beauty of the sounds being produced,this was followed by Auld Lang Syne,everyone cross linking arms in the Scottish tradition,finally they leave the arena playing Wooden Heart.Yep a perfect day,I am so blessed to still be here to enjoy this wonderful thing called life,please dont let this music stop.

I mentioned in my last post about applying for a part time job,front of house, at the soon to reopen,refurbished John Wilson theatre in Airdrie,well I had giving up hope of an interview,since three months had passed,without hearing anything,then unexpectedly,I was called for interview on Tuesday last.Well I took with me,as requested,birth certificate,passport,qualifications,Nat Ins Number,I am called into the interview room,two persons,behind a desk,they tell me over 200 candidates applied for the position,however they had reduced this down to a manageable,wait for it,78 persons,gulp,thinks I, 63, and a lung cancer survivor,younger people waiting outside for the interview,well never mind, do your best.I cope well with all their questions eg,how would you deal with a disruptive drunk in the audience of the theatre,or someone using a mobile phone,what about a mother turning up a the theatre with one ticket carrying a very young baby?.i am told they will be interviewing for the remainder of the week,and expect to have come to a decision on who to appoint by Tuesday next,I thank them for seeing me and depart.Today,I receive a phone call,they have decided to award me the position,I am absolutely delighted.I did at the time pick up a programme for forthcoming shows,boy,I am going to enjoy this job.

Gymming and swimming this morning,also worked in my sisters back yard putting down weedkiller on her patio,Irene was on holiday today,a local public holiday,thought I would do this for her,her husband is so busy,he spends Mon-Fri away from home,working all over England.Bowling to-night to finish off my day,never a dull moment,as they say,enjoy your day,Bye for now.

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Eric, I agree with Susan, you are AMAZING! Congratulations on the job, it seems perfect for you and you perfect for it!

I too am so thankful for those perfect days that remind us how blessed we are. Mine usually involve my house filled with my children or days spent lying in a tube in the lake.

I had a slow weekend. I haven't been feeling too well, sore throat, achey, fatiqued. so, I spent Saturday reading and resting in the garden and then yesterday it was grey and rainy. today is a beautiful day, but I still don't feel great. I am going to the grocery store in a few to get an easy dinner and then I think I will head off for a nap at the beach. Usually my husband joins me after work and we stay until sunset. The house really, really needs cleaning but that can wait for another day!


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Congratulations on the new job, Eric. It sounds perfect for you!

Goodness. it makes me exhausted just reading all the things are doing, but clearly energy is not a problem! your "Perfect Day" sounds grand. :D

When do you start the job?


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Thanks everyone for your good wishes,Bruce you are almost right about about the paycheck part,however my daughter who currently has a part time teaching job at the FE college I retired from last year,has decided to return to Uni next term to do a post graduate course in Secondary School Teaching,this will give her greater opertunities in seeking out a full time teaching job,since this course is full time,with school placements,she is unable to take on part time work to help augment her living expenses.I did agree to help her out financially,I have some investments tucked away which I dont want to disturb,so I think my paychecks will be transferred to Jennifer's bank account,the joys of being a parent.Hi Jane,good to hear from you,how are you doing? with regard to starting my job,this should be quite soon,we have a thing here in Scotland called disclosure,its required for any job which involves working with the public,its a formal search of a individuals past,that they have no criminal record.As a former lecturer I had to have whats known as enhanced disclosure,but in changing jobs each employer has to reapply for new employees,following this proceedure,my new employer is putting me through a short training course before I take up my duties.

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