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Newly Diagnosed Stage 4 Lung Clancer

Max L

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I was a member approx 3 years ago and I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Lung Cancer and since have I had my upper left lung removed and that is doing well. I am 81 and a survivor of prostate cancer, two bypasses, Diabetis, Myodysplasia Anemia and now mild Heart Failure and Stage 4 Lung Cancer. PET Scan shows no cancer in lung or anywhere else other that in L4 bone, which gave me great back pain, but that is gone since I have been taking radiation. My problem appears to be that the anemia may stop me from taking any kind of Chemo as the Chem may affect the blood and I will be in much more difficulty. This is not a certainty, but at the moment I am still not certain what is the best way to go. May just wait to see where the cancer cells show up again and treat them with radiation if possible. This is where I am at. I know from all my past experience that it is important to stay positive, never, never give up, keep fighting and be your own advocate which I highly reommend to others, but this viscious disease has got me stumped. The outlook of 6 months to a year is glum, but I do not see an expiration date stamped anywhere on my body, so I hope to cope with this one day at a time. We are all living on borrowed time. Would appreciate any ideas that are out there and the support which is so necessary. I am a very lucky man to have made it this far and I am even luckier to have such a fantistic and loving wife, children, friends and family. Wish everyone the best of health. Do not give up.

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I am so sorry you found yourself back here, but happy that you knew where to come!

I don't have any answers for you about the chemo and anemia problem as I have been on Tarceva since diagnosis and never did traditional chemo. But I just wanted to welcome you back.

Is your oncologist working hard to find alternatives to a chemo that would affect your anemia? In the meantime, hopefully the radiation will do the trick!

From your post I can tell that you have a positive fighting spirit, and that will get you very far!


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Hi Max

I remember you as well. After reading all the previous battles you have fought, there is no point changing now. Put the gloves on and get back in the ring. I am sure you will win this fight as well. We will all be here cheering you on.

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