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Still in limbo

Fay A.

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don't have the PET Scan report yet, so still don't know what is what. The surgeon did mention that there is a possibility that the problems I am experiencing now may not be related to the cancer, but rather to the Polycystic Kidney and Liver Disease (PKD). I had hoped that I would not develop the progressively fatal form of the disease, but recent scans have shown that is probably not going to happen. Those organs are filled with cysts and distorted in both size and function. I know that when they become too big they are sometimes removed (the kidneys), and folks go on dialysis, or if they're lucky they receive a transplant. I have no idea what can be done for the liver, though. Darn those renegade nephrons... So I'll wait until Tuesday to learn the results of the PET scan. The good news is that the CT scan did not show any big ugly tumors any place. And I'm holding on to THAT result with both hands. Just a bunch of fluid that may or may not be significant. Waiting for the PET scan results on that one, too.

I wonder if RFA on the liver would work if you're dealing with fluid filled cysts and not solid tumors?

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I have a friend with PKD . He is on a very strick diet, no potasium, very low protein, no salt, etc etc. He will need a transplant , for now following the diet and so far he has gotten away without dialysis. His kids have tested to see if they could be donors , but also found they carry the gene. Keep us posted. Donna G

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Geez Fay,

Hang in there!! :):) , You got so much on your plate, Praying real hard for ya.

Gods got a plan for us all girl, thanks for being the inspiration that you are!!

(((( HUGS )))))) and lots of love to ya, Fay!!

God bless and stay well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

PET taken 1/5 - hot spot in mediastinum May be cancer??

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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What a fighter you are! You have not only met every challenge you've faced with courage and strength, but also with faith and a positive attitude. I will say an extra prayer that all scans are good. Hang on to that determination, you will get through this too my dear!


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Hey Fay??????


Just wanted to send my friend a HUG and let her know I will be looking for your Tuesday night post in the GOOD NEWS FORUM!! :wink:

MY PRAYERS GO UP EACH AND EVERY DAY AND NIGHT! I do't want to skip a beat!!



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