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Monday's Air


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Happy Monday friends!

Hope this post finds all of you well and cool where you are...what's the weather like where you are? Melting down here is Texas so we have stayed in alot and air condition is my best friend these days.

Check in and give us an update.



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Hi Katie -

I can't really complain about our weather much - it has been in the high 80s to low 90s - but there's been a nice breeze and so it's been fairly pleasant. I still have to turn on the AC late afternoon, but we've been able to eat outside many evenings, which I love to do. My husband not so much, but he's a good sport.

I have plans to meet an out-of-town friend at a lodge on the river near here and am really excited about that - should be fun. Hopefully the really hot weather will stay away until after that trip.

I hope everyone has a great week.


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It is gray and rainy here today. All last week it was chilly (high seventies). I am hoping this week the weather will be hotter. I am freezing as I write because I am at the cancer center getting my infusion (check out "test times and updates" for my latest.). I will be here all day as I have my support group afterwards. (hint hint anyone want to play words with friends or draw something?)

So, that is my day, hope you are all doing something much more exciting!!!


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It was very hot here in Michigan today. I think the high was 97*. We had a tiny bit of rain here, but we are in a drought. My plants are suffering a bit. It is hard to keep up with watering everything. Wish I could send some of this heat your way Janet! It is making it hard for me to breathe when I am outside. I did go out and do some errands, but just went from one air conditioned place to the next. Starting to feel like I am living in the southwest again. I lived in Norman, OK and I remember it being 101* and I had no air conditioning in my car. I worked in Oklahoma City about 20 miles away. I rolled down the windows and the wind blew up my skirt! I didn't care though, I was much younger then and had nice legs!

Time to get dinner on! Take care to all.


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