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Hello Tuesday friends.....how are you doing today?

Some great news yesterday, some not so great...but I'm sending out a virtual hug to everyone...

Update on Eric...he's having serious computer problems and can't get on LCSC for a bit..hopefully his daughters boyfriend will help him get back online soon.

Rick H. was over last night for some lung cancer support...the regular support group I facilitate was cancelled so I invited him over to our home. He gets along well with my family and it helps him to get out of the house and talk thru his issues. It was a very nice visit.

Gail L. just had her 6th or 7th surgery. She is a 3-4 time lung cancer survivor, 2 time breast cancer survivor and she was just diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. She's been fighting cancer since her early 30s and is in her 60s now...she's the toughest survivor I know. Prayers for her.

Alan R. posted that his scans were good again!

Mel M. posted on FB about reaching the 5 year mark

Prayers for Janet B.

Prayers for Sue

Prayers all around.

Check in today and let us know what it's like in your neck of the woods!



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Hi Katie. I haven't stopped in for a few days because for a while everytime I did no one had been here.

Temperature here around 100 today, then we should cool down to the mid to high 90s for a few days at least. I am not complaining, so far we have not had one day with temperature over 110. I know how bad that sounds and it is hot but when you factor in a humidity of 10% or less it actually feels cooler than the air temperature. I lived in that humidity so long and not sure how or if I could handle it now.

I went to the plastic surgeion yesterday to have him look at the place on my face that has a skin cancer. They are on a patch of psorisis and there are a few. The spot in about the size of an elongated nickle on my cheek just under my left eye. I thought it would just be simple to remove the bumps but he wants to take the whole patch out and do a skin graft. I am not looking forward to that but guess I don't really have much choice. I just hope it can be done and healed before my reunion in October. I had to wait almost 3 months to see him this time.

Well it is lunch time so I have to see what I can find to eat. I have been having some stomache issues after that bug I had last week. All of that can sure play havoc if you have acid reflux. Hope to see everyone around tomorrow,

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It is only 82* here in Michigan which is a nice break from 97* yesterday and potentially 92* tomorrow. I like warm, but when it is real hot and humid it gets hard to breathe outside. So grateful for air conditioning. I might get a bit of a shock when I see the electric bill for this heat wave, but you have to do what keeps you comfortable and ALIVE!

I know what Lily was talking about last week. I confess I was in here many times and did not see new posts, so I did not post myself. I must also confess I was waiting to see Janet's update because I knew she had gone for scans. It is hard to explain how much you can care about people you rarely get to see in person. Only someone who has had or has cancer can know what it is like to hear your oncologist say," there is new growth, or your cancer is no longer stable."

I am not the same person I was before my cancer diagnosis. I am still Susan, but Susan with cancer. This is not to say that this is all negative. Of course, there are negatives to having cancer, but if it was all bad, I would just sit down and give up right now. There have been many positive changes in me and my life since my diagnosis. But, when Janet's appt date with her oncologist came and went, and I did not see one of her positive and upbeat posts about it, I have to admit my heart felt a little dip. I know it is important to stay positive, but I still feel some of the sadness Janet must feel to know she will be back on the front lines of her cancer fight again. I hate it that people, both those I know, and those I have never met have to suffer with this disease. I think I might have gotten into a not so fun topic here, but I guess I just wanted to share. I am so inspired by Janet and her positive attitude. I will say many prayers that her treatments go well and she can keep her peace and serenity.


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Well our weather is still really nice - cooler than normal.

Susan, I know exactly what you mean - if the heat or humidity get too bad it really affects my breathing. This weather lately has been perfect "breathing" weather - I have not even needed my O2 very often.

Katie - thanks for the updates. I don't do Facebook, and really liked hearing about Gail in particular since I am only a 2x LC survivor. All I can say is Wow -- she is one tough lady. I am always so happy to hear good news, and keep everyone in my prayers every day.

Lily - am sorry about the skin cancer. My Dad had the same type of thing on his face and I know those doctors like to make sure they get the whole area even when the spot seems so small.

I hope Tuesday has gone well for everyone.

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