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Wednesday AIR is HOT


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Yes so hot here in the DFW (Dallas Ft. Worth) 100+ degrees is just yuck yuck yuck! Able-bodied people stay indoors so I can't imagine the hardship it is for folks with limited mobility or breathing to go out and about!!

I'm off to chicago tomorrow for a work meeting but I hear chicago is very hot too. Ah well...I envy those of you north and west right now!

How is everyone today? HOw has your week been so far?

Lilly and Susan, I know it's hard to not see a post and decide not to post yourself but sometimes one post is all it takes to start the day! I've been trying to keep up, but I manage 28 accounts and 6 different social media sites so some days I really only have the time to answer posts for people who are in distress or are new and have issues.

I actually am going away for a week (FINALLY AFTER a few years) for a family vacation. When I get back I will be better in all forums. This one too!! xoxo

So, tell me about your days...are you working, vacationing, visiting, reading, writing, journaling, in treatments, out of, pissed off, happy, sad, distressed, confused or want me to shut up?

Post about it now!

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I did not mean to put any pressure or expectations on anyone. If anything I was disappointed in myself for not sharing. Also sometimes I need to find activities to keep myself busy and productive. In fact that is what I did yesterday and never checked back in here. I also use Facebook quite a bit.

I spent yesterday afternoon sorting through 1973-1979. Our house burned to the ground last day of year 1972, so I don't have many treasures from my childhood before that. I also read my dad's Irish family history put together by one of his aunts. Have had it for awhile, but just didn't read it until now. Dug out the photos I took of Earvin Magic Johnson while we were sophmores together at Michigan State University together. Deciding who might want my college acceptance letter and high school diploma. It took me all afternoon, but felt good to get it done. One thing at a time.


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