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Friday's Air


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Looks like a beautiful summer day here in Michigan! Sunshine and mid 80 degree temperatures. After feeling sorry for myself and whining quite a bit last weekend, I made plans for myself this weekend. Finding fun things that I CAN do, rather than moping about and feeling bad about what I can no longer do or enjoy with my physical abilities now. How you look at your life REALLY does determine your mental attitudes and ability to enjoy your life.

Tonight we are going to a 4th of July cook out at one of my husband's long time friends. I have gotten to know them over the year's Jim and I have been married and we have many mutual friends. It was too dry on the 4th for fireworks and we have had a little rain since then, so we shall see if there will be fireworks or not! I am making a peach/blueberry slump (which is basically a cake batter poured over the fruit mix and baked) which should be the last of my fresh blueberries finally consumed.

Saturday we are taking Dylan (almost 5) to a German festival in Ann Arbor. My brother-in-law has been a lifetime member of a group that sponsors a fund-raising club that puts on a German style dinner, homemade desserts and authentic German folk dancing. My brother-in-law and my 2 nephews and niece all participate in the performance.(costumes included). It is held outdoors in a private wooded park with picnic benches, a pavillion, polka band for dancing and a huge sand box for kids. They spray for mosquitos, so no bug spray required. It should be fun. They do it last Saturday of each summer month, (June, July and August). I have not gone in years, so decided it would be fun. It opens at 4pm, dancing performance is at 6:30pm, so we can still get home at a decent hour. Dylan is going to spend the night with us. He is already planning which movie he is going to watch in OUR bed!

I hope everyone is well and has some summer fun (or relaxation) planned for this weekend.


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