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Two Truths and a Lie


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Recently played this game at a staff meeting. The purpose was so other colleagues could learn a bit more about you:

List three facts about yourself.

Two are true.

One is a lie.

Guess the post above yours with which fact is true and which is not and then add 3 facts about yourself....2 truths and one lie.

1) I am the youngest of 7 children

2) Sometimes I listen to rap music

3) I love to play the guitar

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I can definitely see you playing the guitar. Not sure about the other two -- the rap music could be a trick question, sooo

True: You play the guitar and listen to rap music

Lie: You are the youngest of 7 children

Facts about me:

I am an only child

I love to dance

I listen to heavy metal music

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Sorry ladies! I started a game and then got too busy with work to come back yesterday!

My lie is that I can play the guitar...I can't!!

I AM the youngest of 7 and I DO listen to (some) types of rap music!

KASEY: Your's are very tricky! I am guessing the lie is ballroom dancing?

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1. I once shared a pint and a conversation with Sir Richard

Attenborough on a cold miserable November night in a wee

Glasgow Pub.

2. In my twenties on a fishing trip on Lochnagar,with some

of my old buddies,I managed to hook and land a 19lb


3. I sang on stage in Scottish Operas biggest ever and since


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Eric, I don't think you hooked the 19 pound salmon. You've never written about fishing - that I can remember - and, I believe the unit of measure in Scotland is not pounds.

One of my sons recently had a liver transplant.

I am currently receiving chemo for a cancer that is not lung cancer.

I also like heavy metal music.

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Thank you KatieB and Muriel for your replies,now who was correct?

1. I did accompany Sally,s grandfather,who lived in Carntyne in Glasgow to his local pub to witness Sir David Attenborough receive a cheque from the pub, for the Muscular Dystrophy charity to which Sir Richard is a patron of.The pub had raised most money for the charity in the whole of the UK,following the presentation.Richard was left alone in bar standing with his agent,think the customers were a bit shy in approching him,not Eric, I introduced myself and we had nice chat to-gether sharing a pint.

2. Following my lead role of Ralph Rackstraw in HMS Pinafore in my schools production,I was stage struck,the guy that played captain(a more senior aged former pupil),was currently in a Scottish Grand Opera production about Vasco

Di Gama in Glasgows Kings Theatre,he invited me to visit to see a performance,I was standing in the wings watching,the performance,when the producer of the Opera,approached me and asked who I was,having listened to my explaination,he looks at me and asks,would I like a small role in the show tonight,-a black slave(eric) enters stage right,Vasco us in full song,the crew have mutined,you forcibly pull him back to the ships mast and chain him to it,the music changes,a violent storm brews up,you are unbalanced and throw yourself about the stage-exit stage left.I get blackened up,wearing tights,bare chested oooh,carry out the role,producer later, Eric, brill you got the part,however remember tomorrow,I told you exit stage left.Well one might Sir Alexander Gibson,head of Scottish Opera is in the audience,comes into our dressing room to thank us all for a wonderful performance,tells us he is looking for performers,for the forthcoming biggest production they have ever staged,Its all about a Russian Czar called Boris Godunov,immeadiately some of the cast state their interest,he looked at me,and asked If I would like to be a Green Guard,basically a thug with a whip,who pushes and harasses the performers throughout the show.So I actually did sing on stage with Scottish Opera.

3. This one was really a tease,there are thousands of stretches of water in Scotland called Lochs,some inland fresh water,others are sea lochs,there is only one Lake for some strange reason? called the Lake of Monteith.It would be most difficult to catch a salmon on Lochnagar,since for some even stranger reason it is the name given to a Scottish mountain.So Muriel you were right but for a different reason.The UK went metric 1971,so kilos and grammes are used to weigh salmon after that date,however many of the older generation (me for eg) still prefer lbs,gallons and fahrenheit LOL.By the way there is a beautiful song,words and music,performed by the Corries called Dark Lochnagar you can see this in you tube,I really think you will enjoy watching this. Sorry for sharing the unabridged version of my

answers,I love telling stories and I had oodles of time to share them.Bye for now.

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I really have to believe your first two statements as being true and in both if true I am really sorry to hear this and wish both you and your son well.

Heavy metal?well my daughters boyfriend Chris plays bass guitar in a heavy metal band called "Lets Play God" you can see of of the performances in you tube-well I do love all kinds of music,pop,jazz,classical,however despite my best efforts I just cannot get my head round two types of music Rap-which I describe by adding a c at the start of the word,and heavy metal,so I guess you are like me,NOT a heavy metal fan.

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Hi Kasey,

Thank goodness you have'nt let the cat out of the bag yet and I get a wee shot of answering.

Tricky ones again,all could be true,so a hard one to separate out.

Librarian?mmm,this is the one I least suspect as being true,not that I dont believe you would have made an excellent librarian.

I could easily believe,given you being such an attractive looking woman,you could well have modelled for a department store in the past.

Ballroom Dancing,now that activity is extremely popular in the UK,along with -well another little story-some time ago one of my lecturer buddies produced a class register in the staff room during a tea-break,he said he would read out the names of the students in the class and we had to guess what the class was,well he read out Chinese,Dutch,Italian,Chilean names etc,a right little United Nations of a class,although noticably though no Brit names,well after several unsuccessful guesses he says Scottish Country Dancing.Where was I?,yes I do believe you and Fred would enjoy such an activity.

So after some protracted weighing up of the possibilities,I can emphatically conclude you never worked as a Librarian-I think?.

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Hi Alan,

Its really great to see you posting again,its been really quiet around here these days,I so miss those days when we would all had something to share with each other.Ahem,stepping off my reflective soapbox,your little statements to mill over.

Love reading my stories?,mmm,this guy is wanting something,sorry Alan,my daughter and wife have run off with all my money.

I am a lung cancer survivor?,well thats a bit blooming obvious? wait a wee minute,maybe this a double bluff like in someone playing poker,now he has got me uncertain?maybe your dx was something akin to LC,but not quite,too late to go back and dig out your profile notes,damn.

Plays guitar in a heavy metal band?could well be a wind up with all the previous posts on heavy metal?but,something rings a bell about your previous posts,about you playing guitar?now that might be true,but do you have cloth for ears and play in a heavy metal band? as they say in Scotland maybe's aye- maybe's naw..

Well the juries returned after hours of deliberation,the verdict is read out- Anyone who actually says they enjoy reading Eric's banal drivel,is obviously in the need of some serious medical attention,we suspect Alan is suffering from delusions,and is unable to make rational statements,therefore liking Erics writings is a lie,we hope that Alan will one day, make a full recovery.

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Right Eric! I really, really dislike heavy metal music - don't even understand how it can be called music.

The liver transplant: Youngest son was the donor and middle son the recipient. Donor is out of the hospital and doing well. Recipient has moved from hospital room to the rehab. section and, also, is doing quite well. We've been quite fortunate.

Six (four week) cycles of carboplatin and taxol, following robotic surgery (hysterectomy). It was a stage 3 cancer.


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