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LUNGevity Social Media Summary 7/1 - 7/31

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Guest LCSC Info


LUNGevity Social Media Summary

July 1, 2012-July 31, 2012

Here is a review of some key stories and links that were featured on our social media sites:

• Check out our extensive library of discussions on issues related to lung cancer. http://ow.ly/cD9Ti

• LIKE this page and share news about your Breathe Deep event or LUNGevity Fundraiser here. https://www.facebook.com/breathedeepevents

• 2nd Annual Lung Cancer Fundraiser in Maple Shade, NJ 8/17...an event raising critical funds for lung cancer research. http://ow.ly/c0YQN

• Retreating with an EGFR TKI after Acquired Resistance? http://ow.ly/cDa6i

• Did you purchase Miner Rosato, Sauvignon Blanc, Wild Yeast Chardonnay or Garys' Pinot Noir in May from the Miner Family Winery promotion?

If so, you helped raise over $17,000 for LUNGevity! WOW!!!

THANK YOU and thank you Miner! LIKE their page and show them some love!!!

• LUNGevity LinkUP raises awareness about the number one cancer killer - lung cancer. Help end the stigma, join today: http://ow.ly/c20ob

• Reposted from Lung Cancer Support Community

Best gift ideas for people beginning their lung cancer journey (Newly dx, starting treatment, finishing treatments, caregivers) the whole shabang. Share with us your gift ideas and gifts you received that were special!

• HaPpY InDePenDenCe DAY!

• Take a swing at #lung cancer!

LUNGevity Annual Golf Outing Aug. 20 Long Grove, IL.... REGISTER today! http://ow.ly/cDaAM

• Click on the link to support Jayda's 100 Mile Run For Lung Cancerto raise awareness about lung cancer and honor her grandmother's memory! http://ow.ly/cDaO0

• Proudly show your support for LUNGevity! Raising funds for lifesaving #lung cancer research. http://ow.ly/c2SgT

• Stay Connected. Sign up to receive the Foundation's newsletter http://ow.ly/cDaYS

• Whether you are a survivor or a co-survivor, you have many stories to tell. Submit your story, blog idea or a lung cancer-specific article on the many issues people affected by lung cancer face. We just might spotlight your story on our website. http://ow.ly/cDbaL

• Eva is #TrueHeroThursday Read her inspiring stage IV #lung cancer story http://ow.ly/c2Us0

• Join LUNGevity as we partner with Over the Edge for a thrilling new way to raise funds for critical lung cancer research! In our inaugural Breathe Deep and Jump event participants will rappel from the Woodward and Lothrop Building in downtown Washington, DC! Rappelling experience is not required. Friends and family are encouraged to come out and cheer on participants as they make the descent for a cure. http://ow.ly/cDbfP

• #TrueHeroThursday Read about Jackie Kennedy and Jerry, inspirational father, stage IV #lung cancer survivor http://ow.ly/c2UAJ

• How do we assess response to treatments for lung cancer? http://ow.ly/cDbFq

• Upstage Lung Cancer July 22! Paddlepalooza 2012, Newton MA.

Come alone or rally friends, family and co-workers to paddle, walk, or donate to your paddling efforts. http://ow.ly/cDc3D

• Connect w/ survivors, caregivers & experts - Lung Cancer Support Community - support to any1 affected by #lungcancer http://ow.ly/c3HNd

• Every dollar u donate gets us one breath closer to improving survivorship for #lungcancer - You CAN make a difference! http://ow.ly/c3I02

• The Magic of Applause, by Juhi Kunde http://ow.ly/cDdNX

• Perspectives of a Flying Elephant: My 1st Yr in the Land of #Lung Junk - Author Teri Simon tells her story of HOPE: http://ow.ly/c6HJm

• Lifelong never smoker dx at 31 w/ #lung cancer. Anyone can get it. Its time to care Support @LUNGevity support HOPE http://ow.ly/c7jvm

• Create a personalized LUNGevity branded CaringBridge site - stay informed & show support for the #lungcancer patient: http://ow.ly/c9heb

• Many stories of inspiration live on the LUNGevity blog and website. Do you have an inspirational story to share or know of a fighter/survivor who is a hero to others? #TrueHeroThursday

• "Defying the Odds", an inspirational story from an inspirational lung cancer survivor, Anne Marie Cerato. http://ow.ly/cDeFy

• Are you caring for a loved one with #lung cancer? Check out the #Caregiver Resource Center for info & resources: http://ow.ly/cbKfF

• Personalize your #awareness wristband in support or in memory of someone you love. Life-Links: http://ow.ly/cbKqG

• Skim to Breathe, (DE) Aug 4: great fun for everyone from competitions, lessons, auctions, and many more fun activities. We hope that everyone can make it out to this event and support such a great cause. http://events.lungevity.org/site/TR?fr_id=3640&pg=entry

• Hey Seattle: Randy Broad, lung cancer survivor and author of the book "It's an Extraordinary Life - Don't Miss It," will be at Breathe Deep Seattle 5K walk/run. Will you? Register today! http://ow.ly/cDfVF

• LUNGevity’s Ask the Experts. Search through #lungcancer questions & answers or submit your own question: http://ow.ly/cidjE

• #Survivors, take a moment to complete this survey. Help determine unmet needs for those with #cancer. Please SHARE! http://ow.ly/cj8Oe

• A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation 6th Annual Twin Cities Lung Walk/Run, Aug 18 Minneapolis, MN - 5K or 1 mile, REGISTER: http://ow.ly/clLYq

• Blog: I was told I have #lung cancer, but now it has spread to my liver: Do I now have liver cancer? http://ow.ly/ceg2j

• Marine Corps Marathon

We have spots available for runners for the October 28 race in Washington, D.C. - join today! http://ow.ly/cDgdG

• “We need resources to be put towards lung cancer in a way that matches the burden in the community… It is critical to raise public awareness and put the money where the patients are.” –Robert Keith, MD http://ow.ly/cDgmZ

• MSU nursing researcher’s Wii-Fit program helps lung cancer patients reduce fatigue ~ GREAT idea! http://ow.ly/cDgtC

• #trueHeroThursday shout out to the amazing Hope Summit Survivors.#lung cancer #survivors #hope @LUNGevity http://ow.ly/cmeiF

• AUSTIN TX August 11: 2nd Annual Golf Tournament in Memory of Florence Blackwell. Register now and come join the fun and play a round of golf, eat/drink and take your chance at all the great door prizes and raffle. http://ow.ly/cDgzq

• "Comparisons in Care Giving" by Megan Giblin http://ow.ly/cDgE7

• Patients play a major role in Dr. Carbone’s motivation and success. “I enjoy working on both sides of the street: treating and learning from patients and their tumors, and also working in the lab to help improve their treatments,” explains Dr. Carbone who is a member of LUNGevity’s Scientific Advisory Board. “I’ve believed in the importance of patient advocacy for a long time…The people at LUNGevity are dedicated and effective advocates and I’m honored to be involved with helping them.” http://ow.ly/cDgLm

• Have you registered for a Breathe Deep event in your area yet? Do so today! http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageSe ... =v2_Events (Footage from Breathe Deep NYC ) http://ow.ly/cDgTA

• LUNGevity was able to fund $3 million in biomarker-based translational research into the early detection and successful treatment of lung cancer in fiscal year 2012. Read about our commitment to research. http://ow.ly/cDgYj

• "None of my doctors ever mentioned getting another opinion...", read more by Kasey Long http://ow.ly/cDh5Q

• Do you have any advice for those who are long-distance caregivers? http://ow.ly/cDN4d

• "The People's Marathon." The 26.2 mile winding course, starting by the Arlington National Cemetary and finishing at the Marine Corps War Memorial, gives participants amazing views of the Nations Capitol! You can commit to run for LUNGevity in the Marine Corp Marathon today! http://events.lungevity.org/site/TR?fr_id=3510&pg=entry

• What does the PARAMOUNT Trial Teach Us About Maintenance Therapy for Advanced NSCLC? http://ow.ly/cDhp9

• A blog post dedicated to LUNGevity Lifeline partners, a way for lung cancer patients to not have to “go it alone,” but have support from others who understand the walk they’re walking, even if it’s just via phone or email.~ Read more from author and lung cancer survivor, Teri Simon. http://ow.ly/cDhzL

• Want to learn more about clinical trials? LUNGevity's Clinical Trial Matching Service -find out which clinical trials may be an option for you. http://ow.ly/cDhPh

• We've just awarded $500,000 in Career Development Awards for Translational Research to fund the research into early detection and targeted therapeutics for lung cancer to five exceptional young scientists!

Read more: http://ow.ly/cDhXe

• “My greatest hopes for lung cancer, besides a cure, are to decrease the stigma surrounding it and to increase funding for lung cancer research." read more... http://ow.ly/cDi11

• Researcher Profile Dr. Borgia: “This work could save lives by providing a convenient and low-cost method for detecting lung cancer while it is early enough to be treated effectively,” says Dr. Borgia. http://ow.ly/cDigG

• 2012 Career Development Awards for Translational Research awarded to Christopher Maher, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis, for “Molecular Predictors of Outcome in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer” (Recipient of LUNGevity’s Melissa Lumberg Zagon Founders’ Award) http://ow.ly/cDioh

• Researcher Profile Dr. Dubinett, a member of LUNGevity’s Scientific Advisory Board: “Lung cancer remains underfunded in the United States. We have lacked the imagination about what we may be able to do for patients who are at risk or who have lung cancer. Adequately funding research will make a profound impact in this major health problem.” http://ow.ly/cDisY

• Emotional Challenges of Family Caregivers of Lung Cancer Patients http://ow.ly/cDiIe

• Potential Surgery for Locally Advanced NSCLC: Assessing Local vs. Distant Risk (read more) http://ow.ly/cDiO6

• Diane describes herself as a former “weekend triathlete” with a competitive spirit. She never expected to be diagnosed with lung cancer...read more... http://ow.ly/cDiUk

• 16-year-old Brett Roberts has organized a skimboarding fundraiser to help honor his mother's life! Read more: http://ow.ly/cDiZH

• Dr. Stephanie Harman is the Director of the Palliative Care Program at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA http://ow.ly/cDNjA

• Pittsburgh Pirates Stand Up To Cancer event on Friday, August 10th. LUNGevity will have a booth there! Come OUT see us/support us! Flyer attached. SHARE it!

• NYC Marathon is SOLD OUT! But we have spots available for runners for the Oct 28 Marine Corps Marathon race in Washington, D.C. - join today!


Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lungevity

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