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Sunday Air


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warm and balmy here in NC. curt Grass and cooked breakfast for Mom and I and working Laundry. Nice day to chill out... hope everyone is the same!!

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Good Evening Randy and Everyone,

I have been working too,cutting the grass,weeding the borders,also pressure washed my drive and rear patio,the place is looking lovely.I have the arrival of a film director tomorrow to look forward to,he is filming me for a programme aimed at teenagers to give up their smoking habit or not to start one.He has sent me seven questions to consider for the film,so I have just spent some time,writing out sample replies,I dont want to over rehearse these or it may not turn out natural on film,I so want this to go well,it would be amazing for me if I could influence even just one teenager not to smoke.

Still no word back about my new job,methinks Disclosure Scotland are really busy just now or many of the staff have gone on holiday,looking forward to starting .

I have my six monthly check up tomorrow,we dont do CT scans in the UK as a follow up for LC,so chest examination and X-Ray,hopefully all is well and a "see you in six months".Busy day Monday then,check up ,filming and then evening lawn bowling.

Are'nt the Brits doing well in the medal tables,at least twice as many golds compared to Beijing?.

I was at my daughters home recently,just had to mention Andre Rieu was coming to Glasgow in December with the Johann Strauss Orchestra,dont think they have ever come to Scotland before?,Jennifer says Dad, you like Andre,why have'nt you booked a couple of tickets?(did'nt tell her because there're too blooming dear LOL)I will book them online for you,within a few minutes I am involved in seat selection,next moment they are booked ($310 approx) och never mind I deserve a wee treat now and again.

Looking forward to Friday's evenings cruise up Loch Lomond,with beautiful scenery all around,hope the sun shines with the Morgan Lee Band performing on deck,ah bliss,did I tell you about my two French friends some years ago visiting me in Scotland?no? well I took them to Loch Lomond one evening,to a spot called Rowardennan,it was a beautiful clear sunny evening the Sun was just setting by Ben Lomond,the sky was a golden red,the scene could'nt have been a better introduction to tourists to Loch Lomond,I am so pleased with myself for bringing Phillipe and JohnPierre ,when Phillipe turns to me and says,"Eric its all very nice,but where is the Fish and Chip shop?.

Bye everyone enjoy the rest of Sunday.

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