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Tuesday's Air


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Hello, all of you in Lungevity Land,

It is just 81 here at noon-thirty, but probably going to get hotter.

Got some work done yesterday, going to get some done today, after both me sleepy-headed Daughters get up, lol.

Will also be making a trip to town to get some small things, then maybe home to take a nap, and then figure out dinner.

That's all that's happening in my world today. Hope your day runs as smoothly.

Be seeing you. Same time, Same station, have a blessed and wonderful day!



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Hi Dawn - thought I'd join you.

Sounds downright cool where you are. We are supposed to be 100+ every day this week - actually hit 106 a week ago. This is really not that normal here. There are a number of smaller wildfires around so the valley is full of smoke -- needless to say I'm staying home with the windows closed. I do have to run a few errands this afternoon, but will try to hold my breath :) The dogs are bored, but even they don't want to be outside.

Hope everyone is having cooler weather and clean air whereever you are today.


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109 today...this after high 80s low 90s with a great BREEZE in Clearwater FL. The Bahamas were nice last week too...wait a minute what am I doing here??? OH yes, back to work. Vacation is over and it's burning HOT here in Texas--not to mention West Nile Disease threatens anyone that goes outside!! Ah well....

just poppin in to join you ladies for a moment...back to the grind I go!



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