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Combination of Lung Cancer and West Nile Virus


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Hello, a loved one with lung cancer has been diagnosed with West Nile Virus. My research for information indicates there is no treatment for the West Nile Virus. Is there treatment for the combination to help the patient in recovery? Is there a medical research specialist in the area of lung cancer and West Nile Virus?

Marie A. Crawford

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Marie this is a link to our medical expert. his site is also fre and many of us are over there also. You may need to check with him on this subject I think... is a new one to me. We can offer advice and support and emotional support here and Dr. West is our medical advice personnel. I am sorry we have to meet liekl this but please keep posting about this diagnosis and keep an eye out here also You never know.. This is one of the best sites for cancer help and Information. His website is here;


Please keep us posted on this and let us know how else we can help.

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