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Question for the ladies


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I am wondering if anyone has noticed a change in their breast(s) after having radiation to their chests.

I've noticed that my left side seems much smaller now. There was always a small difference between the two but it seems more pronounced. My tumor was on the left side. There is also a lump on the inner part. Based on the markers they tattooed on me the area where the lump is was targeted during treatment.

I've had a couple of mammograms and they've said they can't find anything even though its very noticeable when I'm laying on my back, so I'm wondering if this is just another of the side effects of the radiation.

Has anyone else had this type of long term side effect?

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Thank you for the response as well as the welcome back.

I am 10 years passed diagnosis this November and I'm still dealing with all the little "gifts" cancer left me with and it seemed like just when I'd gotten used to them the new thing with my breast popped up.

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I am SOOOO glad to hear from you!!!! I've thought about you for years and have thought the worst! I have the same issue. Not sure if it's due to radiation, but who knows. I am just over the moon to see you post, Kathy. Let's keep in touch!


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