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Tuesday's Air


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Good morning in Lungevityville,

It is a cool 73 degrees here in in the foot hills, to get warmer as the day goes along, but no triple digits in sight for today.

Nothing major planned for to day, just sit in front of my computer for a while, watch tv shows on same computer, play a few games, and maybe fold some towels and clothes. Randy, I am gonna start sending out those decals you sent me. and of course put one in my own car back window. The first two go to my brother and his wife.

That's about it for now. I hope you all have a blessed and good day!

Same time, same station!


{ Outrider}

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I have been out quite a bit lately, so I am staying home to rest up a bit. We went to our cottage and I brought more things home to sort and disperse. It will have to be sold eventually, so any cleaning out I do now will be less to take care of later. It is hard to let go of some things. When you have a lung cancer diagnosis it seems you are forced to let go of a lot of things at once. That can be very challenging emotionally.

My daughter gets married in 9 days down in Columbus, OH. I have been feeling a little draggy and hope I perk up by then. It is a 5 hour drive for us and we will have my youngest daughter and grandson with us too. My "cancer health" is stable right, just some of my normal health issues are bothersome. Life goes on.

Sun is shining. About 72 degrees. No air conditioning, fans are doing the trick. You can begin to feel fall in the air as September creeps closer.


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Dawn - my day sounds about like yours. I think it's supposed to be in the mid-80s here today -- which is great for all those working outdoors. I'm still stuck inside due to the smoke - but it is kind of par for the course this time of year so am trying not to complain (well not complain too much anyway).

Susan I know what you mean about disposing of things. I wish I was better at it. I found out when my parents died that they never threw away anything! Since I'm an only child, I inherited their entire basement and garage full of "stuff". My husband is trying to get things together to have a garage sale just to try to clear out some of this, but I'm finding it difficult to distinguish between what I really need to keep and what I really really need to let go of. I've been thinking it would get easier over time, but it really hasn't. I hope you have a great time at your daughter's wedding.

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