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Digging Deep


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Sometimes in the midst of everything we face as fighters, survivors and caregivers...you have to really dig deep to find hope....

When things are difficult, where do you find hope?

Please share. It will help those that are digging deep right now for hope.

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I am having lots of trouble with this subject Katie. Hopelessness seems to be invading my thoughts more and more each day. What I have been doing to fight it is to ask my friends and fsmily to specifically pray that I find comfort, wisdom, guidance and peace. People ask "Is there anything I can do?" and now this is what I tell them. I am doing a bit better than I was a couple weeks ago, so I guess that is working.

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I used to get mine from going outside at night with a glass of something or other and talking to God under the stars.. and getting everything off my mind !!

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I think that there may be a different perspective of keeping hope alive between a survivor's perspective and a caregiver or loved ones perspective. When you are the person experiencing the physical pain, loss of mobility, and invasive treatment it is challenging to have a clear head and see beyond the moment. I know my mind was so fuzzy from pain meds and chemo drugs that I could not really focus on what would happen next. I relied on my family to have hope for me, to give me encouragement and I tried to hang onto their love to keep me going.


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I agree. Hope is so individual. I remember a fighter saying to me that my hope for her was a rope that she would hold onto...somedays she could cocoon herself in that rope and other days she hung onto Hope by a mere thread. Somedays she believed in it and other days she "faked" it until she did.

Some people are pragmatic and hope in tangible things...that's how my dad was by nature. I could tell he was grappling with the reality of his situation, but he had hope- his hope came from making short term goals and milestones. That's what got him to the next day. We took things one day at a time- otherwise we would be completely overwhelmed and lost.

Some days you dig deep just to get thru the day or simply thru the moment.

Hope can be many things and have many definitions... it doesn't necessarily need to be big like a miracle or a cure....it could be hope for the next moment, the next day or the next treatment. Hope that you didn't get sick in the car or hope that you accomplished something you wanted to do.

Bit and bites of hope add up. There's also hope in connecting with others who understand.

There may not be answers or solutions- but finding understanding and a safe place to vent and share your thoughts and feelings bring about hope when you connect with someone whos felt the same, but made it another day, week, month, year.

If my dad were here, he would say his family and reading other people's survival stories brought him hope.

It doesn't make the realness or heaviness of this disease go away--Hope just helps.

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