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Smokers Guilt


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Received this message this mroning.

What advice would you give to her?

My diagnosis and surgery (VATS) was 2 yrs ago and I completed chemo in Nov. 2010. Would love to volunteer as a LifeLine Support Partner for Lungevity, but still have some guilt issues b/c I smoked until 1993.

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I think most former smokers, no matter how long ago they quit, probably struggle with some moments of smokers' guilt. I know I do, even though I know well, and agree with, all of the arguments against smokers' guilt. Of course I'm one of those people who feel guilty about all kinds of things anyway:)

I volunteer as a Lifeline Support Partner and honestly smoking, guilt or no guilt, has only come up once and the topic was raised because one of my phone buddies brought up the subject. Otherwise, it is never discussed. It is such a fulfilling thing to do, and if it something you are interested in please give it a try - I don't believe you will regret it.


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Have no guilt,, it's history,,when we were all young, smoking was part of the times.. forget about it ,, move on,, at least we all understand,, enough guilt with other stuff,, not smoking anymore I quit 5 years prior to dx. dx didn't surprise me,, plenty of good stuff to be proud of and it far outweighs any of the crappy stuff. OK?

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