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WELCOME BACK Tuesday Air !


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Welcome back from the long weekend! i hope everyone had a great Labor Day holiday!!

I'm coming off of a bad respiratory/ear infection thing. The kids went back to school last week and I blame the germ generators for passing this to me! HA! But I'm getting better and they love the new school year so all is well.

My son is playing high school football and my daughter is in dance and cheer again this year. Makes for one busy mom after work!

I posted some questions in the other forums. Take a minute to look and reply if you have the time. I hope all ofyou are well.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

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I'm still hibernating because of the smoke from the wildland fires (mostly in Calif.). I went out on Saturday and really paid for it. I think I'm beginning to understand the definition of cabin fever. I just hope the air clears while there is still some summer left. At least we are getting lots of tomatoes - so that really helps.

Katie - we live a block from the high school and I always love this time of year. We can hear the band practicing and the football players doing their drills. (At least when I can open the windows). it always reminds me of when my kids were in school. I know how hectic it is, but still so much fun - so enjoy!! Well, except for the germs of course:(

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Hey Katie and Diane

Katie I would always say that I didn't mind being kept busy with my kids in sports because at least I knew where they were and what they were doing.

Diane we had alot of forest fires near me this summer so I know how you feel.

Busy here this time of the year getting ready for winter. Just got the cows moved from the summer pasture to the winter pasture. Getting the last of my hay bales hauled home this week. Bought a new horse a couple weeks ago. Hoping to get some riding in soon.

Where are all the regulars these days ? Eric, Bud, Ginny, Ann, Michelle, etc ?????

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They are on facebook now and again!

I know Bud visits but he had surgery and is recovering.

the others I see post here once a week or so but I see their check ins on facebook.

Not everyone is on facebook and not everyone is comfortable talking about LC publically, which is why this message board is still so active (forums & PMs)

So appreciate you regulars who come back. Your presence, your stories and your support really mean so much to so many people!!!

I'm just going to say it out loud....JudyKW's passing really took the wind out of a lot of us. It will take time for those who knew and grieve her passing to get back to LCSC and some of them just can't.

The rest of us will continue to be here for those newbies that need a hand.

Hugs Bruce! So good seeing your post!


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Katie - just wanted to thank you for "saying it out loud". I am not especially comfortable on Facebook. I do keep up with family, but otherwise I don't post ever on FB. I am much more comfortable in this format. I was thinking back over the past year and we not only lost Judy, but Ned and Stephanie as well. Others also of course, but those three, along with Judy MI, were the "daily backbone" of the group. I believe things will eventually come back around.

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Hi Katie,Diane and Bruce,

Welcome to LCSC,its been sometime--only kidding.Looking back to when I first discovered LCSC,it was such a uplifting forum to be part of,I met so many new and welcoming friends,I just took it forgranted,that this jolly band of ever growing members old and new would continue to flock to the forums. I have so much to be thankful for in finding this site,it did so much to aid my recovery on the early days of my cancer journey,it really reminds me of what an important role we all can play in having a welcoming open door for all our new arrivals.

We have had to adjust to the loss of so many of the pillars of LCSC,gosh how I miss the exchange of daily banter from JudyKW,Ned,Annette,Stephanie and Dawn,not forgetting the many contributions from Becky,Bud Lillian,JudyMI and Ann.

As Katie mentioned some of us are posting into facebook,so are able to keep in touch,I do enjoy spending some time there myself each day.I do feel a wee bit guilty however about neglecting LCSC ,which is really my first home,and do wish it to flourish,so I will continue to support the forums as best as I can.Our new arrivals all need us here to welcome them.

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