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Thursday's Air

Bruce u

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May be a little early for Thursday's air but too late for Wednesday. Besides it's Thursday somewhere.

I agree with everyone's comments that Judy's passing really did affect everyone and especially the " air " in the JFF forum. She was definitely the backbone of that topic.

I had alot of correspondence in the 4+ years that I knew Judy, PM's, email, etc. I know there were times when post to the air's were down but she kept posting daily and was determined to keep it going.

Another busy day here and still no time to go horseback riding. Maybe next week. Did take an hour tonight to just go out in the pasture and watch the young calves. A friend of mine that passed away this spring would spend hours just sitting on a hay bale and watching the calves play. Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the simple things.

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Hi Bruce, Happy Thursday everyone. I havent posted much the last year or so. Just alot of things going on and very stressful. Sometimes I hate being a adult. I feel like a little kid in a grownups body sometimes. I always thought my parents had the answers to everything but now I realize they never. They were just doing the best they could.Bruce I understand the watching the calves thing. We moved and I had to get rid of my homing pigeons. They just brought me such a piece of mind watching them fly and lounge around the yard.I hope you all have a great Thursday and my prayers go out to all of you going thru treatment and diagnosis.


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Horses, calves and pigeons -- isn't it interesting that the simple things that bring so much enjoyment and peace are animal related?

Jerry, I know what you mean about stress. I've been wondering where the summer went. It never seemed to get started and now it's almost over - always used to spend time in the garden and with the dogs and this year somehow it all got away from me. If anyone knows the value of taking the time to smell the roses it should be us survivors - right? I know it's easier said than done - but we all need to take more time for ourselves. Bruce - good for you taking the time to watch the calves, but do make the time to get on that horse. Isn't there a saying about the outside of a horse being good for the inside of a man?

Happy Thursday everyone - hope you can make a point to stop and enjoy something today.

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Great to see you post mike. Missed you turning out the lights.

Diane I never heard that saying before but it definitely sounds true. It is nice to just watch the different personalities of the animals. I think they are more intelligent than some people give them credit for.

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