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Thank you so much for this post but most of all for all your efforts over the last 10 years.

When I saw Connie's picture tears came to my eyes. I miss her so much. She was my first real support.

I loved meeting you when you came here to Minnesota for the events that Connie organized for Lung Cancer Awareness here in Minnesota. It was wonderful to meet you and to go on line to your support group.

I lost my future father in law to lung cancer before I got to meet him. Years later I found myself to be diagnosed with Lung cancer 12/3/97. This year the love of my life, my husband Jay was diagnosed with lung cancer last week changed from stage 3 to stage 4. I continue to need support.

Again , thanks so much.

Donna G

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Thank you for all you have given of yourself to all of us . I've belonged to this site for a little over 8 years. My husband passed away March 2, 2006 after a 5 year battle with nsclc and now my mom is a 5 year lung cancer survivor, who is currently fighting for her life. I have no idea how I would have coped with all the challenges my family and I have faced without this haven to run to for information and support. God Bless you Katie and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and all that you do for caregivers and patients of this disease.



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Hi Katie,

Loved the slide show,so many good times of friends sharing time together,for those who have since passed they remain alive,warm in our memories.I would like to say congratulations to you on your 10 years of advocacy,the word may seem a bit out of place in its context,but I think most appropriate,given the people you have reached out to and touched over that time,giving hope,encouragement and practical support to.It is my fondest wish that you have the patience,stamina and energy to continue your advocacy,we wont shout the political slogan for the President "Four more years" "Four more Years" for you, I want to shout "Ten More Years" "Ten More Years", (well at least).

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