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Wednesday's Autumn Air


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It is a sunny, cool morning and I have been sorting out my fall and Halloween decorations. I happen to love Halloween decor and my intention was to divide them up for my daughters. But, I had forgotten what great things I had packed away! So, I am going to keep some of the most fun things for myself. I will thin down the collection a little, but I don't need an excuse to go out and buy more next year! It has been so long since I have had some things out that I had forgotten I had them. Great thing about getting older is that things from the past can become NEW to you again. My husband and I watched a movie a couple of weeks ago that we had seen about 10 years ago. Neither of us could remember how it ended or even much of the plot. Way to recycle movies!

I am going to try to get out to the pool at noon today and enjoy the warm water in contrast to the cool air outside.

Hope everyone else has a lovely day! Dogs are both napping, so time to try to eat a little breakfast. They have pretty good noses, so they will probably be at my feet as soon as the toaster starts heating up.


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Good morning everyone. It is still low 90s here, but the chill in the morning definitely lets you know fall is just around the corner. Susan, my husband and I do the same thing - watch old movies we just can't remember although we know we saw them. Comes in very handy when there's really nothing on! Just love Bailey - am trying not to catch "puppy fever".

Katie - is your son's birithday Oct 22 or Sept. My husband is 10/22, I'm 10/29, our oldest son is 10/8, my Dad was 10/2 and our soon-to-be newest grandchild is scheduled for a c-section on 10/2 - which seems kind of nice actually. When you add in Halloween, which I love, it is a busy month. A few years ago there were so many houses decorated, but that seems to have slowed down the last few years. I hope people decorate again this year - makes it so much fun and I love seeing the little ones all dressed up.

Have a good one!

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My daughter, Alison, has her birthday on 10/17, so her birthday party favors, candy, decorations always had a Halloween theme in there somewhere. My first Pomeranian, Teddy, was orange and was born on Halloween....maybe that is where my love of Halloween started. Plus, Halloween has all the fun of decorations, pumpkin carving, cool nights, costumes and candy with none of the stress of the other holidays like cooking a big meal, present buying, and house guests! HaHa!

There were special needs kids in the pool while I was there today. It really made me count my blessings and give a special thank you for the teachers who had such love and patience for the kids. You could see the kids really loved being in the water!


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Hey folks

Because of the time difference and busy all day, I only get a chance to post after everyone else has finished for the day.

Really nice looking dogs Susan and I agree with giving a shout out to the teachers of handicap kids. They should be appreciated.

Busy month for your coming up Diane. i don't have anything in October but celebrated my birthday last Friday and this Friday will be the 5th anniversary since my lobec tomy and still NED. That mean's so much more than my birthday.

Katie I will pass along the info on the shutdown but I have no idea what you gave as the reason for it . Can we say computer illiterate !!!! Ha Ha

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