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Our Mom, Gwen Jones


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My sister, Bonnie Jones and I wanted to let all of you know that our mom , Gwen Jones passed away last night, Sept. 18th. Many of you know (from facebook) that she had been very ill and in ICU for the past 3 weeks. Her illness, though lung related, was not due to lung cancer. She was a 5 year cancer survivor and NED on her scans, but she also had COPD/Emphysema which led to the severe Carbon Dioxide Narcosis that finally took her away from us.

I just want all of you to know that she was always aware of my posts on this board and of the wonderful support and prayers you gave to her and our family. She used to play Lexulous ( a scrabble type game) on facebook and Ginny De Coursey had nicknamed her "Speedy".. she loved that name that Ginny had so affectionately called her. She also was especially grateful to Joel and Maryanne for sharing their cyberknife success, the same procedure that kept her NED for over 2 years.. She knew who many of you were and Bonnie oftentimes printed out your posts for her to read.. just want you to know that your support , love and prayers meant the world to her. She couldn't believe that perfect strangers could be so giving of themselves and it touched her deeply.

Not sure how to handle all this pain that we feel right now as we try to move on without her, but I want to thank all of you who have been there supporting us with your kind words, love and prayers. Our lung cancer family has a very special place in our hearts.



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I'm so sorry. Your mom fought so hard and she didn't let the lung cancer beat her. I loved her spirit and her fight.

As one who has walked this path, I'll support you any way I can. Our moms are so special and when they leave us it's a hole that no one else can fill. Our memories keep us warm and one day thinking and talking about your mom will bring smiles instead of tears. I promise.


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