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Thursday's Air

Bruce u

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HeHeHe Thought that I would get a jump on everyone and start Thursday's Air. Thanks to Susan for starting Wednesday's Air.

Another busy day planned for tomorrow, er I mean today. Lot's of work to do on the farm preparing for the cold Canadian winter.

How about everyone else. What are you doing to prepare for winter ?

Missing Bud's fishing tales.

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Bruce, I just told my husband yesterday that we need to get the furnace cleaned and check the level of the propane in the tank. I see some overnight temps predicted for the 30's later this week. Also looking at getting my heated mattress pad on the bed and ready to have my sheets warm and toasty at bedtime. I also picked a nice bunch of heirloom tomatoes from my small garden and am planning a Savory Tomato Bread pudding for dinner. Good day to have something warm and fragrant baking in the oven.

I am getting excited to go to my grandson's 5 year birthday party tonight. It seems like just a blink of an eye since I was there at his birth. My daughter was pregnant at 17 and at the time, it was pretty stressful. Now looking back I am so grateful I have had the experience of a grandchild. My 28 year old daughter is not sure she wants kids, so I take my blessings while I can. Sometimes in life we just need to appreciate every moment and stop trying to control what we think should not be happening. Not an easy thing to do sometimes, but if you can trust that everything happens for a reason, it makes it easier.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Even though it is cool, the sun is shining.


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Bruce, I can't even imagine the cold winters you must get. The older I get, the more I feel the cold.

Katie - am keeping your FIL in my prayers. I hope he will be better soon.

Sometimes in life we just need to appreciate every moment and stop trying to control what we think should not be happening

Susan - you said it perfectly. I spend way too much time trying to do just that and it's been especially challenging lately. Have a wonderful time at your grandson's birthday party.

It is still pretty warm here - 90s - and smokey. But you still see signs that Falls is coming. Tomatoes are slowing down -and the stores all have their fall things in now. Tomorrow I'm meeting a girlfriend at a place on the river north of here. We just spend one night - but it's fun to hang out and catch up. My husband gets to watch his John Wayne movie in peace. I like John Wayne okay too - but my memory isn't quite bad enough yet to be able to sit through the 40th showing of Big Jake :)

Have a good day.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I dropped in briefly this morning just prior to leaving for the gym,gosh Bruce, what a surprise,you beat me to the draw,at 8.30am?,I am trying to work out when you posted,you little rascal,it must have been about 2-3 am?,did you get much sleep last night,with getting up at dawn for your livestock?.

Another wet Scottish day today,not that it really effects me,gym and swim,followed by a visit to Glasgow with the guys to share a 3 course lunch ($6 approx) in the Horseshoe Bar,its a very old establishment,its in the guiness book of records if I remember correctly as having the longest continuous bartop in the UK.This is a little brief interlude I have today to post in before setting out for my indoor bowling,this retirement business,really is hard work.Bruce I am not sure about the game 5 pin bowling,must google it?.You also asked about preparing for winter?,gosh I made myself so many promises this summer, to catch up on the outside chores,wood preserving my back yard perimeter fence,painting back and front door railings,washing all my plastic window frames and roof linings,stange,if I was still working,I bettcha all of these would have been done,but being retired kind of gets in the way,och,I'll do it tomorrow,looks like rain today.

Hi Dianne,Its holiday weekend this weekend for most us living in the West of Scotland,traditional time to have a short break,Blackpool Illuminations is the destination for many to see the extravagant display of themed street lighting,there is also a hugh funfair there for kids of all ages to enjoy.I do wish you a super time with your friends on your weekend break,sounds like fun.You mentioning the Pacific Oregon Coast,had me looking up my Time World Atlas,gosh it weighs a ton,just watch you dont drop it on your toes LOL,there it is Oregon,Portland,Eugene,Salem-is that where the witch trials were staged?.Whereabouts are you Diane?,nearest I got to you was Seattle last year.

Hi Susan,love bailey,cute little fellow,good to hear you are enjoying swimming each week,now you just got to find a local yoga class to attend,yoga I read in a article recently is particularly good for recovering lung cancer patients,in fact the article was written by a PhD physio type person who also had written a training prog for lung cancer patients within the article,I sent the link to my yoga teacher,she was quite impressed,some claim it helps prevent the recurrance of LC,but that may be a bit fanciful?,enjoy your grandsons 5th Birthday party.

Its bowling time guys,got to go,enjoy the rest of your day,hope tonight my team perform a bit better than on Tuesday,it was just like Custers Last Stand,our opponents were that good.Byee.Ooops nearly forgot to say Hi Trawna,good to hear from you,hope you are well.

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Eric - tried to check out the holidays in Scotland (you Scots definitely know how to do holidays - do working folks get off work for all of these). 2nd Monday in Sept is Battle of Stirling Bridge, 3rd Fri in Sept is called Ayr Gold Cup, and 3rd Mon is Autumn Holiday. Which holiday are you celebrating this weekend? I think the witch trials were in Salem, Massachusetts on the east coast - not too far from where Janet lives I believe. I live in Medford, which is in southern Oregon (just 35 miles north of the Calif. state line). We don't get nearly as much rain as our fellow Oregonians to the north. We are an 8-hr drive to Seattle. Have a good game of bowling!

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I did look into yoga, but my orthopedic oncologist said "no". I have some compressed discs in my spine and quite a bit of damage from metastases spread in the vertabrae and ribs. So, for now I will enjoy the warm temps and low impact, healing waters of the excercise pool. Sometimes you can only do what you can do. It gets me out 3 days a week and the others in the pool for health reasons look at my smiling face and tell me I don't look like I have cancer. (That is when we get into the inevitable "health" conversations old folks have). I have been told I am the "youngster" of the excercise pool group!


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