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Prayers/positive thoughts needed


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Our LCSC friend and survivor, "Alan" needs our support and prayers.

His wife posted this in the Hope Summit Facebook group and I wanted to repost it here for all of you to know and send well wishes his way...

This is George's wife writing...please send prayers and healing thoughts and energy to George who is in the hospital waiting for surgery tomorrow morning. His "good" lung collapsed and he has been in the hospital since Tuesday with a chest tube in him. They were hoping it would heal but it hasn't so he will have it fixed tomorrow.

I know he thinks the world of all the wonderful friends he has made through Lungevity and the folks he met at Hope Summit last May. Just thought I'd let you know...

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From: George Alan Rader

Hi you guys, so yesterday I had a wedge resection to repair a hole in my left lung. He did several while in there..today, it is very painful, haven't even seen the incision, don't want to not yet anyway. The problem was a "bleb" .a sort of weak spot. All it takes to blow them out is super heavy breathing or big coughing spell. It's not related to cancer at all but the surgery is the same in this case. So, you guys will have to put up with me and my senseless ramblings and blibber blabber for a while longer. Thank god this is behind me and I can begin healing. THANK YOU guys for the kind thoughts. I'll be back up and running well maybe not running in no time. I definitely have abused these lungs for a long time. You guys are the best people I know.

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