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Research on the Social Psychology of Lung Cancer


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We Need Your Help! LUNGevity has partnered with The Lung Cancer Project to do research that will help us better understand the social psychology of lung cancer. At the foundation of the project is a short online test that can help us uncover what patients, caregivers, doctors and the general public think about people with lung cancer.

How You Can Get Involved: Click here http://www.thelungcancerproject.org to take a short test;

it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Why This Research Project is So Important: Did you know that many people with advanced lung cancer never receive cancer care, far more than for any other type of cancer? Emerging research suggests that specific perceptions of lung cancer such as stigma, blame and hopelessness may be a factor.

How It Helps the Lung Cancer Community: You will receive results at the end of the test that reveal your own perceptions of lung cancer, and these anonymous results will be part of a larger research study that will help us to determine if subconscious biases exist for lung cancer, and if so, to understand why people are biased, how those biases impact lung cancer care and to address misperceptions of lung cancer.

For more information on The Lung Cancer Project, visit http://www.thelungcancerproject.org.

Thank you for your support on this important Project.

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