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Tuesday's Air


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Happy Tuesday!

How is everyone today??

I've got a busy workday on tap- some great articles coming out on the LUNGevity blog. HAve you visited lately? http://blog.lungevity.org/

Then tonight I have cheer practice for my little miss and piano lessons for my son. Busy busy! The weather here is still HOT HOT, what's it like where you are?

I've changed my avatar. I painted this shirt last week. Thought I'd share.

Love, love,



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looking good Katie !! Hope your day is awesome!! to much to do to sit behind a desk but need to check things before i get to work on projects around houses...

just came from work and cemetery so ..

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I like the shirt, Katie! I used to do more crafty things, but have found other things to keep me busy. My attention span is not what it used to be and I am easily distracted. So I try to find smaller projects that I can complete without leaving things all over my dining room table.

Went to a warm water workout class today and wondering what muscles might be sore tomorrow. We shall see.

My new puppy Bailey has decided he prefers to sleep on my lap rather than on a dog bed or any of our large dog pillows. I try to accommodate whenever I can, but I do have things to do too!

Have a great rest of the day!

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Hey everyone

Nice shirt Katie. You are one very busy lady.

Procastinating are you Randy ? LOL

Baily is great company for you Susan. Animals can certainly give us plenty of enjoyment.

Now where is everyone else today Ann, Eric, Bud, Judy MI, etc. ?

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