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Wednesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Sorry Bruce missed yesterdays post,phew its a busy life,I started my front of house training prog Monday evening,I am really enjoying it,theres about 30 new trainees going through their paces,I noticed one of them a young girl had an American accent so we got chatting,she arrived in Scotland from Philadelphia a couple of years ago,I asked her if she had any relatives or friends here,no, she just fancied getting on a plane a taking a trip to see Scotland,loved the place and did'nt want to go home,she is now doing a degree in scriptwriting,this job is part time for her to help pay the bills.Tonight is the last night of the training prog,I could actually start work in the Theatres this week,lots of great shows between now and Christmas,its most likely I will stationed inside the theatre during performances to keep an eye on the audience,make sure no one is being disruptive,or using cameras etc.After the training session tonight we are all invited out to Pizza Hut for something to eat and just relax.Think I am going to enjoy job.Funnily I could be on duty in the Airdrie Theatre on the 5th of Oct,the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society are doing a review,its all the big show numbers from a host of musicals,I have spent ten years performing with them,but never went back after my dx,always meant to do so,but I think it will be fun meeting them all again,hey maybe I could join them on stage? I can still remember all the words and music.

I love the new avatar Katie and of course the logo on the top.

Some time today my friends daughter Nicola , will reach the Summit of Kilimanjaro,it is a sponsored climb in memory of her cousin Laura who died from lung cancer just days before she was due to get married.Laura by the way, had never smoked during her short life.All monies raised will go to the Roy Castle LC Foundation.

Got to go folks,things to do,wishing you all a super Wednesday.

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It seems you have a lot going on in your life and mine in comparison seems pretty simple. I admit that is probabaly because the simple things are what I CAN accomplish right now and make me the happiest. I have been sorting through things in my house and finding new homes for things I no longer love and cleaning and finding a new spot in my home for the things I still love. It is almost like a treasure hunt. I found a couple of bowls I thought were antiques only for display that are actually modern serving bowls. Bonus!

We visited an orchard last weekend and last night I put a roast beef and mushrooms in the crockpot and baked potatoes and winter squash in the oven. I even made homemade gravy with the juices of the beef and mushrooms. My husband was impressed I made the gravy and did not use the stuff out of the jar! I had also made an apple cake which my husband took several pieces to work to share. I packed more pieces than people that work their, but I guess it was a hit because it was gone by the time my husband went back to the break room for lunch.

I did the Warm Water Workout at the pool yesterday and thought I might be sore today, but so far so good. Everyone was friendly and I did what I could and got a nice workout. I couldn't touch my elbows to my knees, but I got as close as I could.

Well, guess I had better find my project for today. I have been washing my long sleeve shirts and pulling out the long pants for winter. Now I have to rearrange the closet to make room for them! And start putting away the shorts.It can get pretty cold here in the winter in Michigan. It will be here before I know it.

Hope you all I have a great day!


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Eric and Susan - after reading about all you two are accomplishing, I feel like a slug. I couldn't begin to keep up with you, Eric, but I have started going through my cupboards and closets and trying to de-clutter. I think the problem is I have so much stuff that it seems such a daunting task and I get overwhelmed before I start. I'm going to try doing just one drawer or closet a day and maybe I'll eventually make a dent :)

We have a couple more local fires, so I'm still stuck inside. I hate to see summer end, but if rain will clear out the fires then it will be worth it!

Susan - your dinner sounds delicious! They ran some apple recipes in the newspaper this morning, and one sounds similar to your apple cake. I am going to try it this afternoon - my husband loves anything apple. Hope it turns out.

Enjoy the day!


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Made caramel apples and caramel corn this afternoon. My dogs were hanging under my feet and picked up any stray kernels that got away from me as I was stirring it on the cookie sheets. I think I will need some rest tomorrow, or else a really good night's sleep tonight. Some days it seems like I get so much done and others it seems like I can't get moving at all. Not so different than my old life. I feel kind of "normal" sometimes. But, I am sort of afraid to let myself feel that way. Does that make any sense? :?

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Hope everyone had a great Wednesday. When I was working, I used to be very relieved when Wednesday was over since that meant the work week was over half way over. Now, Wednesday is just another day of the week. I really do miss working and I'm beating the pavement trying to find a new job. In addition to looking for a job, I've been trying to use time off to get lots of things caught up around the house. Unfortunately, the motivation for housework just hasn't been happening...lol.

We've been having some really nice weather here in Florida this week. The temperature and the humidity levels have both been much lower. It's supposed to be really hot again by the end of the week, so I've really been enjoying the great weather while it lasts. Last "winter" we rarely had any cool days, so I'm hoping this winter is much different.

I got my flu shot this morning and I feel like my arm is going to fall off. I always get a flu shot because I have such a tough time with the flu of I ever get it. I think I had the worst reaction to this vaccination than I've ever had. Usually, I only have soreness in my arm for a couple of days but about an hour after receiving this vaccine, I was really dizzy. I know that the vaccine is a very small dose of the "bug" to make us immune. If this is the case and I got this many weird feelings from the vaccine, then the flu this year must be a real kicker !!!

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