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Looking for some info on the gamma knife procedure

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Hope everyone is doing well!! I had some questions regarding the gamma knife procedure. My mom is getting the procedure done right now. She has a two lesions on her brain (left side).... the (one) lesion the dr is using the gamma knife on is about 1 inch. and they said it was a good size for this procedure. She has another small very small lesion by her ear, the dr isnt concerned about that one right now to small to say anything right now. I was wondering how succesful the gamma knife is? I read some articles about it, and was confused....Does it take the lesion/tumor away immediately? does it kill the cancer cell right then and there? or is it a slow process. It was causing her to be confused and forgetful, but she seems better since they put her on steriods to take the swelling down. Was hoping to get some positive feed back on this particular procedure? any success stories?? For those who dont know me, my mom has stag 4 lung cancer, that spread to the brain last year.... They did brain surgery last year, which was very successful and the lung was doing great this year, two tumor both died on the lung(primary location) , but one was visibile on the scan but dead.... she has been on chemo and just recently started radiation to get rid of the one dead (no cancer activity) tumor on lung. She had pet scans and brain scans just 3 weeks ago, which all were clear and great, which have been for some time now. THis was quite a surprise to hear she has two new lesions on the brain, I understand now this is how cancer works, very sneaky! Im praying that the gamma knife procedure helps and she continues to stay strong and fight b/c she has done so amazing well!! Thank you for listening, if anyone can share thier experiences with gamma knife it would be greatly appreciated... Have a blessed day!!

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