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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Beautiful Autumn day here in Scotland,this is a great time of the year for photography,I must get myself up to Aberfoyle,the forests there are really something to see there,with all the variety of colours on display.

Well I started my new job on Thursday,not properly though, my new friend and I spent two days labelling envelopes and putting in fliers of forthcoming attractions to the theatre.My new friend is Colleen,she is from Philadelphia,arrived here two years ago for a holiday,and did'nt want to go back home.She has just completed a MA in scriptwriting from Glasgow Uni,following her BA she got in the USA,she is amazed at how cheap studying for a Degree in Scotland is, compared to the States she tells me her BA left her with over $100,000 to pay back,thats just unbelievable,she tells me as a foreign student here she paid $15,000 for her MA here,Scottish students in Colleges and Unis dont pay any fees.Students here do take out loans to cover their living expenses,however its very low rate of interest,they dont have to pay anything back until they are earning over £16,000,if the loan has'nt been paid back within 25 years,its recinded.So folks get your kids to get their Degrees in Scotland LOL.Collen's had her 25th birthday yesterday,she is a really nice person,totally into Scottish culture,absolutely loves haggis would you believe?,she told me about an American dish called scrapple,but says it falls far short of the taste of haggis.Well Colleen and I are on theatre duty for the first time to-night,this group will be probably be unknown to you, being Scottish,and way before your pop days,its the Bay City Rollers,Bye,Bye Baby and all,so I will get to meet Les McKnown,maybe I will post in some pics of the occassion?.

I am off to Edinburgh tomorrow for Nicolas homecoming, following her sponsored Killimanjaro climb for lung cancer.I think her parents and friends have organised a party to include a BBQ,so looking forward to my day out.

My gym buddies will be missing me,I will also miss Mondays gym I am still working on the mailing shots.Well thats about all folks,wishing you all a super weekend,bye for now.

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Hi Eric -- glad the new job has started, it sounds like it will be terrific. Unfortunately I am definitely old enough to remember the Bay City Rollers --- and I liked them a lot. The Scottish higher ed system sounds like a blessing -- so many of our young people have to start out so deeply in debt or even stop at a Bachelors degree due to the amount of debt. My dentist (who looks to be about 14) just started his practice and he was telling me he owes $200,000 and his wife, who is also a dentist, owes almost as much. :(

I'm off today to check out some of the news stores that have moved into our little town since several of them have just opened. I keep wondering why they are coming here - but hopefully they have done their homework and feel our area will be growing. Trader Joe's doesn't open for a couple weeks yet - but I've heard so much about them I can't wait to see what they have. There is also an REI, and a store called Ulta which is apparently lots of brand name make-up. There's also going to be something called Natural Grocers, and a number of other ones I've never heard of. So am going to check them out and have lunch with a friend.

Have a good day everyone.

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Hey folks

Rained last night so just waiting for everything to dry off before tackling outside chores.

The Bay City Rollers were big way back when I was a teenager Eric. I'm sure you remember SATURDAY night..

Have fun Diane. I am sure that these businesses have done their homework and are confident that the local economy can support their stores. From working in management with a City, I've learned that they usually have confidential information which the public is not aware of before they invest in opening a new store.

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Wow, we are all dating ourselves here! I remember the Bay City Rollers. Since Bay City Michigan was in the area I grew up, (the thumb area of the mitten) it seemed funny to us a Scottish band would have that name!

Ulta is definately a nice store for beauty products! There is one in Ann Arbor, Michigan where my family lives and my treatment center is located.

It is 69* and sunny here, a beautiful fall day! Lots of people out and about. I just went shopping a bit for clothes while my hubby went to a home improvement center. Nice for both of us! I finished before he did, so I got out my phone and stopped by here. Glad I did! Have a great day everyone.


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Susan,As explained tonight by Les McKeown,when the group was formed they had no idea what to call themselves, so they got a map of the world and pinned it to a wall,then threw a dart at it, where ever it landed,they would name themselves after that place,hence USA,Bay City.

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