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"No Cancer" now is on hold


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ARGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! :evil:

Ok, yesturday went from high of "no cancer cells in lung fluid" to low of crashing car, to high last night that father was laughing and although tired, seemed better to today.......

surgeon comes in and (not the surgeon who saw him last week but a new surgeon) and says "well when we go in Monday to put chest tube in were going to make another incision to biopsy the lung in a few places in lower region and do a scope (from throat) to do a biopsy in some upper regions and on enlarged lymph nodes"

now all the worry came back in 1 fell swoop. It was like someone literally hit me in the face with...a cement post. I could not believe my ears. I was so on the "no cancer train" and then BAM that one terd knocked the wind right out of me.

so then the nurse comes in to plug in new iv antiobiotic and i asked is this to prevent infection on monday or does he have infection. she says well a little of both and from what they suspect, were getting a head start ARGGHHHH so now they suspect it all over again.

She say well dont borrow trouble and go with your gut :x !!! go with my gut?? look chick my mom died right here 8 doors away 5 months ago from lung cancer and you want me to go with my gut,,,,what gut I am literally about to vomit from anxiety!

So my questions are

1) can the lung fluid contain no cancer cells and there still be cancer in the lungs???

2) can pulmonary effusion be from something other that cancer?

3) has anyone ever heard of doing the scope and lung biopsies for a viral infection?

I thank you all so very much too for the cards of support. I really didn't think I would be on this end of the card brigade. I truly thought I would be the sender of these hopeful sentiments. I can't thank you all enough for the smiles your warmth has brought to me.

I know I need anxiety medication, I can't get any until wednesday when I see my dr. (great more dr's) I just hat the unknown, just tell me so I can deal, dont keep flip-flopping.

thanks for the ears.

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I am so sorry you're going through this worry with your dad. Unfortunately, the only info I can give you is, yes, it is possible for the fluid to not contain cancer cells even if cancer is there. My mother had 2 bronchoscopies (the second one took samples from 3 different areas) which showed only "atypical" cells. It took a needle biopsy of the met in her pancreas to confirm small-cell lung cancer. Mom had had bleeding after the first bronchoscopy (spent 5 days in ICU on a ventilator after that), and they knew because of her CAT scan it was almost certainly cancer, but it was still a bugger to get a diagnosis.

I pray your dad only has an infection. Hopefully all the tests will be for nothing.

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I, too, am sorry you have to deal with the uncertainty. It's the thing that drives me over the edge.

To answer your questions (and remembering that I am not a Physician, but rather someone who has dealt with lung cancer and other lung diseases in multiple family members as well as myself) here goes:

1. Yes, there can be no cancer cells detected in fluid drained from the lung and pleura and still be cancer present. It may be that the person doing the evaluation missed cancer cells, or they were just not present in the fluid used in the evaluation.

2. Yes, Pleural Effusions can be caused by non malignant conditions. Infections and injuries are frequent causes.

3. Yes, biopsies are done to identify infections. Sometimes the only way to identify WHAT someone has is to go in and remove a bit of it. They also do it to test the organism to determine if it's antibiotic resistant, and if so to which antibiotics. I had this procedure done at one point because I had a fungal infection in the lungs (coccidioidomycosis) and they were trying to determine what kind of infection I had. They were unable to obtain adequate material for sputumn cytology, so they had to go to the source directly.

I feel for you, Sherry. I was about your age when my parents were facing their cancers. I hope that you soon have the answers you and your Dad need, and that the answer is your Dad can be treated and healed.

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My dad had a pleural effusion that didnt have cancer in it. I am sorry because I know this doesnt help you to feel better and I almost hesitated to post, then I thought if you didnt want to know you wouldnt have asked. I was also told that plueral effusions doesnt always mean there is cancer present. Will keep you in my prayers. I sure hope you get some answers soon.

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