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Tuesdays AIR


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Howdy doody!


How is everyone today? Well, today is looking like a MOnday in disguise for me..won't both to go into the trials and tribulations of my work-stuff,,,, but day dreaming about puppies and donuts and apple cakes.. Yep.

What's happening in your worlds today?

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I did my warm water work out this morning, and it surely did feel like a work out. It is funny when you walk out of pool, up the steps how much heavier you feel after floating in the water for 45 minutes. It felt good to be moving and if the particular move was too much for me, I just did what I could. I was able to keep up for most of it.

I think I am going to give a try to those donuts this afternoon, as I am feeling better. I got permission to go off one of my diabetes meds for 2 weeks to see if that is the culprit to my nausea and vomiting. So far, so good today.

I noticed on my drive to town how beautiful the fall colors on the trees are right now. I suppose all areas of the country don't experience this change, but here in Michigan the fall is a season for the senses. The air cools and becomes drier, the colors of the tree turn red, and gold and all shades in between. On cool nights you can smell bonfires burning and apple cider is flowing at the cider mills. The sun was shining this morning as I drove under a canopy of golden shining leaves down the dirt road that leads to the main road to town. It took my breath away. The display comes and goes quickly, so you have to notice and enjoy as it plays out.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day and I hope Diane is getting her first look at her new grandchild today!


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Katie - it is never fair when you have more than one Monday in a week! Hope it gets better. Susan, I am really glad to hear you are feeling better (that is just such an awful way to feel).

Jane - what a darling puppy!!! You may have mentioned it and I missed it, but what kind is it -- a yorkie maybe?

I am really too tired to be making much sense - got to bed at midnight and up at 3 a.m. - too wound up to sleep I guess and now I really need a nap. Am going to try to add a picture here of the new granddaughter - but I'm not too good at this so don't know how it will turn out.post-22663-141270979619_thumb.jpg

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Oh Diane, your daughter and son-in-law must be over the moon! A lovely name for a lovely little girl. If she's the only girl in the family she'll be looked after and protected by her big brothers (and loved, too, of course). And of course she'll be her nana's pride and joy. Congratulations to you and all the family!

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