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Depression after treatment


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Hello members

Recently I had a member contact me offline with concerns about her loved one developing severe depression after beginning treatment.

Of course the rigorous schedule of chemotherapy/radiation/blood work/scans/anxiety/fatigue/nausea/confusion/pain are all at work battling the cancer, but all of that (and MORE!) "beats up" the body and spirit too.

Add to that all the ways a person's life changes after being diagnosed with cancer and it's a LOT to process.

Aside from just anti depressant/anti-anxiety medications, how have you struggled with and fought back depression?

Caregivers- how have you helped your loved one who was going thru this?

Please share your experiences here. It WILL help so many others going thru this right now.

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from the caregiver side of things we tended to not really dwell on it. If treatment or anything got Deb feeling down we would sit and talk it out and discuss things or go out and do something energizing to get her mind back on track!!

I think the best thing to do is definitely talk about it. treatments and especially cancer are life changing events that make you question things about life on both sides caregiver and patient. it is evry important to be open and discuss these things with someone you know even if it is someone other than a patient caregiver relationship.

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My dad who NEVER believed in antidepressants (even though I was already on them), started them after my mom's diagnosis. I honestly think they are often needed to make it through. I think the slight effect they have gave us the strength to try to muddle through. Humor helps a lot

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