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Invaluable Volunteers Working to End Lung Cancer


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Invaluable Volunteers Working to End Lung Cancer

http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageNa ... 00312.html


Media Contact:

Victoria Shapiro


(202) 414-0774

Nation’s largest lung cancer-focused nonprofit honors Chicago-area natives

with the Kay Barmore Volunteer Award

CHICAGO (October 3, 2012) – LUNGevity Foundation, the nation’s largest lung cancer-focused nonprofit, is delighted to announce Mark Carlinsky and Lynda Fisher as the co-honorees of its 2012 Kay Barmore Volunteer Award. Kay Barmore was one of the original seven founders and a long-time Board member of LUNGevity, always dedicated to finding more effective tools for diagnosing and treating the often lethal disease. LUNGevity President Andrea Stern Ferris notes, “Kay lost her battle with lung cancer, but her spirit and determination live on in all of the dedicated volunteers without whom the hard work of ending lung cancer would not be possible.” This annual award will be presented at LUNGevity’s Fall Benefit, “One Voice, One Hope,” on November 3 at Venue One, 1077 West Randolph St., Chicago.

Awardees are recognized for their extraordinary passion to eradicate lung cancer, active involvement for two or more years, and impact on raising awareness and resources for the cause and LUNGevity. Both Lynda and Mark bravely share their personal stories of this devastating disease and emphasize the need for more research to increase the number of survivors and put an end to the terrible toll lung cancer takes in our communities.

Mark Carlinsky was inspired to contribute his time and energy to LUNGevity when his wife Lisa was diagnosed with the disease in April 2006. The couple began their involvement the next year, while Lisa was still in treatment, and his dedication to beating lung cancer continued after her death less than two years later. Mark has remained a motivated and motivating volunteer throughout the years, while dealing with the turmoil lung cancer has caused for him and his family. Mark is very active in raising both awareness and funds, having been a team captain and active volunteer for Breathe Deep Naperville, helping to secure funding for numerous Chicago-area events, and playing a key role in developing the Dress Down Chicago program. He also courageously shared Lisa’s and his experiences with lung cancer, bringing a vital personal perspective to encourage others to support the cause.

An active volunteer since 2002, Lynda Fisher is an almost 11-year survivor of lung cancer. As a never-smoker, she was shocked to be diagnosed with non-small cell adenocarcinoma when a 10 cm grapefruit sized tumor was found in her lung. She was also stunned by the horrifying statistics associated with the disease, including its 16% 5-year survival rate. Despite a Stage IV recurrence in 2007, Lynda has remained a dedicated volunteer, determined to make a difference for all of those fighting lung cancer. She actively friend- and fund-raises for the annual Fall Benefit and connects with other survivors all over the Chicago area, offering them hope and sharing the resources LUNGevity offers as they face lung cancer. She also actively participates in walks to raise awareness and funds, most recently having put together a 60-person team for Breathe Deep Deerfield. A two-time lung cancer survivor, Lynda shares her story of hope openly and broadly to raise awareness and funding for research.

Lynda and Mark are true ambassadors of LUNGevity Foundation.

About LUNGevity Foundation

The mission of LUNGevity Foundation is to have a meaningful impact on improving lung cancer survival rates, ensure a higher quality of life for lung cancer patients and provide a community for those impacted by lung cancer. It does so by supporting critical research into the early detection and successful treatment of lung cancer, as well as by providing information, resources and a support community to patients and caregivers.

LUNGevity seeks to inspire the nation to commit to ending lung cancer.

For more information about the grants or LUNGevity Foundation, please visit www.lungevity.org.

About Lung Cancer

1 in 14 Americans is diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, regardless of gender or ethnicity

Lung cancer kills almost twice as many women as breast cancer and more than three times as many men as prostate cancer

About 55% of all new lung cancer diagnoses are among people who have never smoked or are former smokers

Only 16% of all people diagnosed with lung cancer will survive 5 years or more, BUT if it’s caught before it spreads, the chance for 5-year survival improves dramatically

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