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In January 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer that spread to my brain (10 spots), liver (7 spots) and bone (2 spots). My lungs looked like someone sprayed them with the paint gun.

Had chemo for 8 months. 4 rounds of Cisplatin and the last 8 Alimta and Avastin.

Last visit to doc indicated one spot in my pleura had grown from 5mm to 9mm. Everything else "looks good". Two docs and a nurse came in the room tho and advised that I needed to either go on a new chemo or they recommended a clinical trial. My husband and I were scared. It didn't sound good at all.

It was time for a second opinion. Really didn't know what to do and I was a bit deflated.

Went for a second opinion and they immediately ordered a PET scan, as I had never had one.

PET scan showed only a trace of disease. 97-98% cancer free in my lungs, no sign of cancer in my liver, no sign of cancer in my bone and one spot in my brain. Thank you God in Heaven.

News docs recommend that I stay on the Alimta and Avastin since it is obviously working...very well. They will monitor the one spot and take action if its required.

I was originally given one year to live, which I never believed. I have 3 children (17 son, 12 twin daughters) and I plan on being around for a long time. Yay!!

Thing that bothered me was the first place never even hinted that I was doing so well. New place gave me hugs and high fives. Really helped my spirit. I even took tae kwon do class twice this week. Pooped today though. LOL

Just wanted to share my good news. God bless you all...and keep smiling.

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So happy to hear your GREAT news. With stage 4 lung cancer that type of news is especially welcome. I am also stage 4 and on a treatment that is working for me. It sounds like you have a great family and I am sure they are celebrating this news with you. Thanks for letting us know and being an inspiration for all of us. My first line of treatment did not work, but my second one did. There is reason to have hope and keep living our lives! Good for YOU! Keep us updated on how you are doing. Our Just for Fun forum is a great way to get to know people on this site. We just check in and share our day to day lives, (new puppies, new grandchildren, what we baked or family events, etc). Getting to know the people, not just their cancer:-). Stop by someday!



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Hi Patty:

Great news! Congratulations and keep it up, you must be feeling SOOOO much better with your excellent treatment results (and your new medical team!).

Everyone here is very supportive and kind so it's a great place find friends who will cheer you on and as well as giving you the benefit of what they've learned if you have questions or just need to talk to someone. Welcome! :D


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great, great story., Patty, your persistence and craving for life are an inspiration and PROOF that a second opinion is always better than settling for something you don't want to believe. Feel free to share the new care center's name, so others might give them a call and also be saved.

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I am a 57 woman, married 35 years with two grown children. I do not smoke and did not have any symptoms except a little cough. I am new to this site and just learning how to get around. I am inspired by the stories and so happy for your good news. I am a stage 4 lung cancer that was in my lungs, stomach, liver and brain. I am on tarceva now 4 months and so far so good on last report my lungs are 90% clear and the tumor detached itself from my spine and is now floating transparent. I go for another MRI this week so just waiting for that test and we will see more good news I hope. I am loosing my hair (which I thought I would not), I am on 150 mg per day, and have other tough side effects but are manageable considering. Any and all advice I get or see on this site is welcome as I know I will be a work in progress.

God Bless,


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Patty! You give me so much hope! I have stage 4 NSCLC, has not metastisized, however I have it in both lungs. I am on the same chemo Alimta and Avastin, diagnosed in Nov 2014, current PET SCAN shows stable. Thank you for sharing your story, so happy for you!!! Sincerely, Lisa

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WOW...  WOW...  WOW...  This is fantastic!  Very happy for you guys...


I was diagnosed last week with Stage IV Lung Cancer, which has spread to my hips, pelvic bones and lower spine.  I am believing I will have these same results.


Keep fighting the good fight.  You are an inspiration to people like me! 


WOW...  WOW...  WOW...

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