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Columbus Day Air


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Well happy Columbus Day - especially to any workers that get the day off. I never did - but at least the postal service is off so no bills for today anyway :)

I think it's this early fall weather we're having, but I'm really getting into this cleaning out and organizing thing - thanks to Susan. I'm cleaning out closets etc and, after sorting what goes to St. Vincents or the Gospel Mission, I'm going to go buy some containers so I can pack the rest away and move it out to the garage. I haven't really cleared this idea with my husband yet -- but I'm sure he won't mind :lol:

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and is having a good Monday - although I never been a fan of Mondays myself.

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Diane: glad you are getting some clearing out done, too!. This weekend, I finally got my husband to help me move some larger items that I could not move myself and I can now continue my reorganizing and sorting. I am getting rid of things I no longer need, my daughters got some things they will enjoy, Goodwill will get some donations and I have found treasures I forgot I had. I still have a ways to go, but it feels good to accomplish something.

On Saturday we went out to our cottage for several hours. We brought home what we could fit in the car and even fit in some small end tables this time. Financially we are going to need to sell. We have been bringing things home for the last year. We usually keep heat and water on all winter, but we are going to winterize this year to save money. I have let go emotionally of the cottage, or at least I thought I had. As we were leaving to come home I had a big surge of sadness and loss. It was brief, but I guess I am not as far along as I thought. It takes time, I suppose. I am making space in my house to bring some "cottage" feel to our home. I have always had more country antiques at home, but making room for some of my cottage items is giving me some comfort.

It is sunny and a cool 53* here today. I was the only person in the excercise pool again. I am getting spoiled having so much room to get lots of movement in. When I went I went into the warm water, I could feel my cold toes tingle as they warmed up in the water. Getting ready for those snowy days when the warm water will feel super warm!

Enjoy your day off Katie! There are so more days off coming during the holidays, but those won't be so relaxing!


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Good Evening Everyone,

Happy Columbus Day? never knew this was actually celebrated in the USA?.

The weather in Scotland continues to be blue skies and sunny,not that warm now though,but enough for me still to be going about without a jacket on.Well its about pack teddy time,I am off to Birmingham tomorrow to the Roy Castle Conference on Wednesday,looking forward to meeting up with survivors from all over the UK,following my photoshoot in the Victoria Hospital some weeks ago,the Roy Castle org sent me a copy of their new brochure,Preparing for Lung Cancer Surgery,me on the front cover,in bed in my pjs,posing with a young doctor,I will get to Hollywood if it kills me LOL.

I have been having problems with my laptop these past days,I keeps crashing unexpectantly,I counted 17 times in the space of one hour last Wednesday night,once, halfway through a rather long post I was writing,grrr.I went up to my daughters house on Saturday to get Chris to look at it,he discovered the internal fan had stopped working,so the machine was cutting out due to overheating.Chris is so busy,I did'nt want to wait for him effect the repair,so instead I took it along a recommended local guy to repair it ,you know those times when you have toothache,you book an appointment with the dentist and by the time you get there the toothaches gone?well I left the laptop with the guy,he ran it for two hours,worked perfectly,including the fan,he suggested perhaps an external plug in device could be upsetting the laptop,eg my mouse or speakers,get back to him if the fault re-occurs.He has ordered me a new keyboard,since that may also be a contributing factor,I need one anyway since, would you believe, I have used this keyboard for three years now,some of the letters on the key board have been worn away completely, so sometimes I forget where that letter is and type the wrong one.

I went down to the bowling green for 1pm on Saturday,only to find it closed?,drove to my buddy Bill's home,since he was'nt answering his mobile,he tells me the competition is next Saturday,drat,home to check my calendar,sure enough I had it marked off for next Saturday at 1pm,also the Morgan Lee Band at 4pm in Glasgow,so its still going to be hectic trying to attend both events.This senile dymensia can be a real pest at times.

Enjoy the rest on Monday everyone,bye for now.

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