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Although & However,


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So we are 3 1/2 months away from Tom hitting the 5 years at stage IV mark and we now get an although & however report. SIGH!!!

Mediastinal windows reveal small scattered mediastinal lymph nodes which are stable and not definitely pathological based on CT size criterion.

His COPD, emphysema & radiation damage stuff is all stable.

No new mass or adenopathy although exam is limited without intravenous contrast.

Abnormal fullness in the right hilum, again limited in evaluation due to lack of contrast. Volume loss and retraction related to that is stable. However, there are new non specific ill-defined opacities or nodularities right lower lobe, 14mm and 8mm and in the right suprahilar distribution measuring about 10mm.


New non specific nodularities in the right lung. Findings may be infectious or inflammatory although malignancy cannot be excluded. Very short term followup cT chest within 4 weeks is recommended. If these do not resolve correlation CT PET scan to exclude malignancy is recommended.

I'm so bummed right now.


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Thanks ladies. I always wondered why they do his CT's without contrast first. He is allergic to the dye but when he does the protocal he's fine.

We see the Onc on Tuesday and see where we go from there.


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Waiting is always the hardest part. I know I have had some CT scans without contrast. When you have cancer you will be exposed to more radiation and chemicals than the average, healthy person. If they can get the information they need without exposing you to something (in this case contrast) they will take that route. The downside is you have to wait longer to get results, sometimes. I have always trusted that my oncologist knows when it is safe to make this choice for testing. Upside is that your husband's doc must feel there is "time".

I know I always want to know right now what is happening. For me it is knowing my cancer might be spreading and growing while we wait to schedule my next test. I had to wait 2 months this summer, and my results ended up being stable with no growth, but it was an anxious time. I have really worked on knowing that some things are beyond my control and to trust that my doctors will give me the best care possible. I was anxious, but did not let it rule my life.

Hope you will get results soon and whatever the news, your husband's doctor will have a treatment plan. I won't suggest you don't worry, or that this type of result isn't disappointing, but you can get through and handle this. Come back and let us know how you both are doing. We will be here for you no matter what you have to face. You won't be alone.



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I posted to this in the General Forum, but wanted to make sure you saw my post and to let you know that prayers continue for Tom and your family.


So sorry you are faced with so much uncertainty on these scan results, but at least it was "although and however" and not a definite positive. Wish I could say or do something to make this all go away. Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and I'm praying that all follow ups have good results.



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Here's the mini scoop. We are going to go straight to the PET scan in 4 weeks. The Onc thought he'd skip that extra step of another CT. The PET is set up for 11/20/12. If the PET shows anything then we will go back to the surgeon for another bronchoscopy. Like the holidays don't bring enough stress without the added stress of waiting and wondering.

Thanks & keep those prayers coming. WE sure could use them.


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