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reposting for CupHalfFull Deb a new member!!!


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Cup Half Full


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I am a 57 woman, married 35 years with two grown children. I do not smoke and did not have any symptoms except a little cough. I am new to this site and just learning how to get around. I am inspired by the stories and so happy for your good news. I am a stage 4 lung cancer that was in my lungs, stomach, liver and brain. I am on tarceva now 4 months and so far so good on last report my lungs are 90% clear and the tumor detached itself from my spine and is now floating transparent. I go for another MRI this week so just waiting for that test and we will see more good news I hope. I am loosing my hair (which I thought I would not), I am on 150 mg per day, and have other tough side effects but are manageable considering. Any and all advice I get or see on this site is welcome as I know I will be a work in progress.

God Bless,


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welcome and congrats on great news Deb!!! Moved ya to start your own thread over here!!! Continued great news to come for you I hope and pray!!

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Hi Deb,

Welcome to LCSC,sorry to read of your dx,I arrived here about three years ago and found the buddies here so friendly and supportive,all my doubts and fears about my cancer dx just seemed to evaporate,with each post I made and the responses I received from everyone.I am really looking forward to getting to know you,can I suggest you visit our "Just for Fun" forum,I just great sharing the daily lives of all the buddies here,I live in Scotland and love to hear about things that are going on in downtown USofA,since joining here I have made two trips to the USA and met a few of my online friends here,you know,I like to say,lung cancer may have rained on my parade,but it sure came with a hugh silver lining,I can promise you that since becoming a lung cancer advocate my life has never been so much fun,it has brought me new friends and experiences I could have never even imagined,being filmed,on the radio and in newspapers,speaking at conferences,gosh its just been a whirlwind these recent years,how I love life,I just dont want the music to stop.If you have a wee bit of spare time,you can find some of my adventures by googling travellingeric/facebook Try to look on your dx as a new beginning,time to be completely selfish with yourself to enjoy every minute of each day,look for new adventures,maybe things you've always wanted to do but never got round to it,I always wanted to visit the USA but it took me until my sixties and my dx to do it, and I did'nt half, a seven week voyage around the States,just going where the wind blew me,no script or plan,I just boarded Amtrak trains to see where they would take me,I had an absolute ball,at the end of my trip,someone remarked to me,you must have been really lonely travelling around by yourself,I replied,lonely? I was never lonely for even a minute,everywhere I went I met up with such open and friendly Americans who spoiled me to a fault.Sorry I do ramble on at times,hope you have'nt fallen asleep?,bye for now.

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Welcome Deb! I have never been on Tarceva, but it is wonderful that it is working for you. There are others here on Tarceva and hopefully someone will be along soon who knows more about those particular side effects than I. You might also want to check out cancergrace.org - which is a site with a panel of doctors who will answer questions, in a general way of course, and which has good information on what is new on the research front.

When I first had LC in 1998, there was nothing like this available. I joined in 2008, when I was diagnosed again, and it has been an invaluable life line. Everyone is so supportive and caring.

Please come back often and let us know how you are doing.


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