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eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Lovely Autumnal day today,its now about 6.30pm and already getting dark,in couple of weeks out clocks go back one hour,getting ready for the winter to set in,I do hope for a mild one for a change,with little or no snow.

I put my car in for its service on Friday,£164,just add to my pain the the guy tell me I need to replace my front nearside tyre,since it has a deep cut in it,sure enough on checking there was one,I do have a careless habit of hitting the kerb, parking sometimes,so that was an unexpected additional £100 on the bill,thank goodness I have my new part time job to refill my coffers.

Saturday afternoon spent outdoor bowling,last game of of the season,its all indoor now until the spring,we had a singles competition,I won two games,one draw and four defeats,och well i did'nt find myself in the prizes,well theres always next year.

Saturday Evening,I was on duty at Airdrie Theatre,it was a Woody Guthrie Tribute night,I was'nt really looking forward to this one,since I really did'nt know anything of his music,or so I thought,when I entered the theatre the performers had set up onstage 15 of them with some others offstage ready to join in,what a night,guitars,mandolins,violins,there was even a guy with a accoustic bass guitar,I never knew there was such an instrument,the band played to-gether,then a individual performer would step up front to the mike and sing,each person in turn did a solo slot,everyone was absolutely brilliant,shame was the audience was about 80 strong,this show deserved better,maybe on their return next year word will have spread?.

Finally,since the dinner gong has sounded,today is a special day for me, 14th of October,its four years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer,one raspberry blown to my GP who predicted only two years for me.Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone,bye for now.

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I for one am very grateful your GP was wrong! Since we only met here online less than one year ago I would have certainly missed out on all your wonderful stories and positive perspectives. Congrats on out living his predictions and keep up the trend!

I also am missing the sunshine and notice how quickly it is dark at night. I don't mind the cold that much, it is the big snows that bother me. It makes it hard to get out and about. Since you are constantly on the go I imagine snow might cramp your style a bit! I live down a country road that is not paved. Sometimes it is 3 or 4 days before a snowplow comes down our road. Often the neighbors will plow out the road with their tractors BEFORE the county snowplow shows up. We are very cloudy and rainy here today, but about 65*, so I had better enjoy it before the snow gets here. No rush as far as I am concerned.

My husband made a new wider doggie ramp for our 2 dogs to go out their doggie door to their fenced yard. He added more cleats and side rails so they will not fall off. Bailey is about 3 months old now and finally figured out how to push open the flap. Annabelle is almost 11 years old and was starting to have a bit of trouble slipping. The extra cleats make it easier for her to get up and down. Such spoiled dogs!

We are going to make a trip to our local cider mill this afternoon for another gallon of cider. Michigan farmers lost 90% of their apple crops because of early warm weather then a hard freeze that damaged blossoms. The price on cider is a little high, but it is freshly made and delicious. They also have a frozen cider slushie that is out of this world. I might even try one of their warm fresh doughnuts.

Hope everyone else is enjoying thei day!


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Still early afternoon here. Eric, am glad you enjoyed the Woody Guthrie night - I bet it was great! I wonder if the young people today would know who he was? I think "This Land Is Your Land" must have been the most often sung song in school when I was growing up. And I always loved Rueben James. BIG congraulations on your 4-year anniversary!!! You would have been sorely missed here.

Susan - I have been thinking about fresh apple cider and warm fresh doughnuts . . . yum!! I love apple cider, but can't buy really fresh here. We do have good doughnuts though :)

It finally rained here yesterday, and they are calling for a few more days of showers -- then back to sun. This is kind of a nice change actually. A good reminder that we really need to get busy and get the yard in shape for winter. Someone stole my husband's jPres. campaign sign out of the yard yesterday -- so he's bummed. I say "his" sign because we never agree so he has his candidate and I do my own thing. Personally I'll be glad when this election is over. I'm just glad we don't live in one of the "battleground" states - people there must be just drowning in ads and phone calls. Generally they don't pay much attention to us up here, but there are always plenty of "hot" local issues. Oregon votes by mail, and it makes it really easy.

I may go out and see if I can find what will pass for fresh apple cider around here ... have a great Sunday.

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